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Aerobics & Fitness

Aerobic training is a modern classic for warm-up and endurance exercises. Since the 1960s, it has become a megatrend for people of all ages, popularized by the American doctor Kenneth H. Cooper. These exercises are extremely popular because they strengthen the cardiovascular system, stimulate fat burning and help with weight loss. With a variety of aerobic equipment, you can intensify and deepen your training.


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Our aerobic equipment at a glance

Are you looking for gymnastic dumbbells , a gymnastic ball , an abdominal trainer , a gymnastic mat , a balance board , an aerobic stepper or other gymnastic accessories (miscellaneous)? Then you've come to the right place. Put together your own setup for your step aerobics workout, for example, and get started right away at home or in the gym.

This piece of exercise equipment, also known as an “Ab Crunch Mat”, is a simple, inexpensive option for training your abdominal muscles. This fitness aerobics device is characterized by a special curve that relieves pressure when performing exercises and reduces tension in the back area. The ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to the spine. This abdominal trainer is a foam mat covered in synthetic leather, measuring approximately 28 x 38 x 7 cm. The underside of the mat is covered with a non-slip rubber coating, which enables a smooth exercise sequence.

The therapeutic effect of exercise balls is well known. But this fitness product is also often used in aerobics training or Pilates. It relieves the strain on the back and spine and also ensures an upright posture when used as a seat. The exercise ball is made of durable, synthetic rubber. The wave-like surface also makes it more slip-resistant. The joint-friendly ball weighs between 800 g and 1600 g, depending on the model. Do you have any questions about how to use and specifically use the exercise ball? We're happy to help you.

Gymnastic dumbbells are much lighter than classic dumbbells. They are therefore very suitable for dynamic aerobics. But they can also be incorporated into exercises in Pilates or yoga. The large number of weight levels, which can be differentiated by color, allows for a wide range of training variations (2 x 0.5 kg to 2 x 5 kg). The gymnastic dumbbells consist of a cast iron core (free of lead and phthalates) and are covered with a high-quality, skin-friendly, colored neoprene layer for better differentiation and protection. The rubber coating offers good protection and non-slip properties.

Ideal for any floor exercise: The gymnastics mat is suitable for all yoga exercises as well as for endurance training or aerobics & fitness. Its dense cell structure makes it moisture-repellent, gentle on the joints and soft. It is also easy to clean, hard-wearing and sweat-repellent. The mat is made of polyolefin elastomer and is therefore latex-free, which also makes it suitable for allergy sufferers. This gymnastics mat also offers a significant advantage in the gym: hygienic training.

The balance board from Bad-Company is the perfect aerobic device for complex balance exercises, but also for endurance training. Exercises can be easily carried out at home or in the gym. The non-slip surface allows for joint-friendly, safe training that minimizes injuries. The wobble board is made of robust MDF wood and the tread is made of rubber. With a maximum diameter of 50 cm and a maximum weight of 2.7 kg, it is a space-saving and transportable aid.

Known from many gymnastics videos, the aerobic stepper is an effective aerobic device for a cardiovascular training program. It uses all muscle groups and stimulates the whole body. The aerobic stepper has a non-slip surface, which prevents injuries and enables high-frequency training. This increases the self-confidence to try out more complex jump and kick combinations. The sports device can withstand a total load of 200 kg, which also allows the use of additional weights without any problems. Aerobic steppers are often used in step aerobics or dance aerobics, which are a combination of dance and gymnastics. This product is also well suited for step aerobics beginners.

An example of additional gymnastics accessories in the Bad-Company online shop for endurance training to lose weight are the gymnastics bands. These can be used to train your strength, flexibility and mobility. The bands are made of natural latex and are therefore durable and skin-friendly. In this section you will also find stacking aids for gymnastics balls, yoga mats and much more. Feel free to stop by.

Equipment for aerobics & fitness: in the gym and at home

For us at Bad-Company, the quality of our sports products is just as important as their quantity. So that you can train with high-quality equipment - regardless of whether you are at home or in the gym. We will show you what you need for a successful training program.

Aerobic training and the different workout models

In connection with the use of aerobic equipment, a wide range of workout models and training variations have developed over the years. They all combine a combination of dynamic movement sequences and components from strength and endurance training. In addition to dance aerobics (adding aerobic fragments to classic dance patterns), barbell workouts (aerobic training with dumbbells) and step aerobics (climbing workouts with a stepper), this also includes dance fitness workouts (a combination of Latin American dances with interval training and aerobics). In most cases, training with aerobic equipment is supplemented with appropriate music, which leads to increased motivation and fun. Disciplines include running, jumping and dancing.

Aerobics as endurance training

As already mentioned, aerobics and fitness are a common part of endurance training. The high intensity of the movements stimulates all parts of the body.

These include the heart, lungs, concentration, muscles and circulation. Training sessions are often longer than 30 minutes and consist of several rounds. This means that aerobic endurance training is essentially the counterpart to more static strength training, although small weights are also often used in aerobics.

Aerobics for beginners

The great thing about training with aerobic equipment? Anyone can do it. Whether it's aerobics for beginners, advanced, children or adults - anyone can do it and it's really good for everyone. It doesn't require a lot of preparation or previous knowledge. As a beginner, it's best to start with low-impact training. First, build up a solid foundation of endurance before pushing yourself to your limits. Training with aerobic equipment is a great way to get started in fitness, as the combination with music will motivate even couch potatoes. With our gymnastics mat and a set of gymnastics dumbbells, you're perfectly prepared for basic aerobic training at home and in the gym.

Fitness aerobics for home

Training with aerobic equipment makes you feel good both at home and in the gym. Where you prefer to train most and where you can train most efficiently depends on your personal preferences. But you can be sure that the aerobic equipment from Bad-Company offers you excellent training comfort in both cases and can be used anywhere. At home, you should above all create a suitable environment with plenty of space. Warm up well and familiarize yourself with the exercises. Whether you are active at home or in the gym - you will find the right equipment with us.

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Buy aerobic equipment: Advantages in the Bad-Company sports shop

What are the advantages of ordering aerobics and fitness equipment from the Bad-Company sports shop? You benefit from a large selection of products and accessories, fast and free delivery within Germany and easy payment. Buy your aerobics and fitness equipment from Bad-Company today!

Comprehensive range of products for aerobics and fitness

We have everything that makes fitness enthusiasts' hearts beat faster. Equipment in different designs and of the highest quality. In addition to a large selection of gym dumbbells and balance boards, we also offer accessories that can make your aerobics more efficient and varied.

Comprehensive range of equipment for fitness training, endurance training and aerobics

Do you want to get fit and are looking for the right equipment? Then Bad-Company is the right place for you. We have a large selection of products for endurance training at home, step aerobics and much more. There is something for everyone here. In addition to a large selection of gym dumbbells, we also offer other accessories that are designed to make your training more efficient and varied.

Fast delivery of your aerobic equipment

Have you decided that you want to buy an aerobics device? Great! Then you can look forward to it the day after tomorrow at the latest, because delivery will take place just 1-2 days after the contract has been signed. It is of course safe, reliable and even free of charge within Germany. We also deliver to other EU countries, such as Belgium or Italy. Here you can usually expect a delivery time of 4-5 days. International shipping costs depend on the respective order value.

Buy aerobic equipment online and pay flexibly

Bad-Company offers you a wide range of payment options to pay for your aerobics and fitness equipment.

  • Amazon Pay: Fast and secure payment with the data stored in your Amazon account. Best protection with the A-to-z guarantee.
  • Paypal : Pay conveniently via your Paypal account. You also have the option of paying via direct debit or credit card via Paypal – even without your own Paypal account.
  • Prepayment : This way you can pay in advance and wait relaxed for your ordered goods.

There are no additional costs for you - no matter which payment option you use. If you have any further questions, the Bad-Company service team will be happy to help you.

Buy your new aerobic equipment now and start your training tomorrow!