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Are you looking for a barbell that will give your workout that little extra something? At Bad-Company we offer you a carefully selected collection of SZ bars. Whether you prefer the non-slip black oxide model or our classic chrome version, we have the right thing for you. Each bar is optimized for biceps and triceps exercises and offers a secure grip thanks to knurled grip surfaces. Suitable for the studio or at home, our SZ bars fit perfectly with standard weight plates with a bore of 30/31 mm and 50/51 mm. Discover the advantages of our SZ bars now.


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Our selection of SZ barbells

The SZ barbell, often also called a curl bar, is specially designed for training arm and upper body muscles. Its wavy shape allows for different grip positions, which in turn places greater or lesser strain on different muscle groups. There are different variants of the SZ barbell, which can differ in material, length, diameter, weight and coating. Here are some common types:

Knurled EZ bar: The knurling provides additional grip and safety, especially when hands sweat.

SZ barbell with swivel ball bearing: Some models are equipped with a swivel ball bearing, which allows for a smoother rotating movement and protects the wrists.

Short EZ barbell: Shorter versions are lighter and take up less space, but are not suitable for exercises that require larger amounts of weight.

Different coatings: Some EZ bars have special coatings such as black oxide or chrome, which can affect not only the appearance but also the grip and durability.

Olympic EZ barbell bars: These bars are heavier and more stable than the standard models and are designed for Olympic weight plates with a diameter of 50/51 mm.

It is important to choose the right EZ bar for your specific training needs and goals. Before making a purchase decision, consider the intended use, maximum weight load, and desired features.

Advantages of our SZ barbell

Perfect fit: Our SZ barbell sits perfectly in your hand. So you can concentrate on what's important: your workout.

Combinability: Whether SZ or barbell, our products can be perfectly combined with other training equipment.

High-quality material: Every SZ barbell, whether curl bar or SZ bar, is made of robust material. This way we guarantee durability and safety.

Flexibility: The weight of the SZ bar can be individually adjusted. Regardless of whether you are just starting to train or are an old hand in strength training.

Ergonomic design: The shape of our SZ curl bars allows for joint-friendly training and minimizes the risk of injury.

Versatility: Whether you want to train your biceps and triceps with a curl barbell or your whole body with the SZ barbell - our selection offers you countless training options.

User tips: How to use your SZ bar correctly

The SZ barbell, also called a curl bar or simply SZ bar, is a must-have for any strength training. It is specially designed for training biceps and triceps. To get the most out of your SZ bar, follow these tips:

  • Correct grip position: The special shape of the SZ barbell allows for different grip positions. While a narrow grip emphasizes the outer biceps, a wide grip puts more strain on the inner one.

  • Stable posture: Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and your knees are slightly bent. This stabilizes and protects your back.

  • No swinging: Swinging not only reduces the effectiveness of training with the EZ bar, but also increases the risk of injury. The power should only come from the arms.

  • Controlled movements : Raise and lower the EZ bar in a controlled manner, especially when it comes to the weight of the EZ bar. A slow lowering places more strain on the muscle.

  • Stabilize your wrists: This is essential to prevent injuries, especially when using a curl bar such as the SZ bar.

  • Vary the grips : This brings variety to your workout and ensures that all parts of the biceps and triceps are trained effectively.

  • Weight adjustment : Start with an EZ bar weight that allows you to perform 10-15 repetitions and slowly increase.

  • Take breaks: This gives the muscles the necessary recovery time between sets.

Follow these tips to ensure you get the most out of your EZ bar workout while staying safe.

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FAQ: Your questions about our SZ barbells

What is the advantage of an EZ bar over a straight bar?

An SZ barbell, also called a curl bar, has a wavy shape compared to a straight barbell. This shape allows for different grip positions, which reduces the strain on the wrists and makes training more comfortable. This can be particularly beneficial for people with wrist problems. In addition, the different grip positions allow you to train the muscles in a more targeted and varied way.

For which exercises is the SZ barbell particularly suitable?

The SZ barbell is ideal for:

  • Biceps curls : For targeted strengthening of the biceps.
  • Triceps curls : To strengthen the triceps.
  • Hammer curls : To strengthen biceps and forearm muscles.
  • Reverse Curls : Trains the upper part of the forearms and the biceps.
  • Wrist Curls : Especially for the forearm muscles.

It is therefore particularly designed for exercises that target the arm and forearm muscles.

How do I determine the right weight for my EZ barbell?

The right weight for the EZ bar depends on your fitness level, goals, and the specific exercise you're performing. A good place to start is with a weight that allows you to perform 10-15 reps with correct form, without the last reps being too easy. If you can do more than 15 reps, increase the weight. The goal is to feel a noticeable effort in the last sets without losing form.

What accessories are available for SZ barbells and what else should I buy?

The following accessories can be useful for SZ barbells:

  • Weight plates : Without weight plates, training with the EZ bar is not very effective. Make sure to choose plates with the right hole diameter.
  • Spring caps or screw caps : These are necessary to securely attach the weight plates to the bar.
  • Weight bench : Aweight bench significantly expands the exercise options and enables more versatile training.
  • Gloves or grip pads : These can increase comfort during training and protect against blisters and calluses.
  • Dumbbell rack : We offer a wide selection of dumbbell racks to safely store your dumbbells between sets.

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