The kettlebell, also known as a kettlebell, is a popular training device in free weight training and functional training. Originally from the 18th century in Russia, it consists of a ball and a handle. Kettlebells are ideal for cross-sport functional training because they target all muscle groups at the same time and improve movement speed. A must-have for effective and short workouts.

What types of kettlebells are there?

Kettlebells differ in terms of their weight and dimensions, and in terms of the material used. Below we will introduce you to our variants so that you are as well informed as possible when buying a kettlebell from Bad-Company.

Plastic Kettlebell

This kettlebell consists of a cement core coated with plastic and is characterized by its modern, timeless design with the Bad Company logo. The underside of this durable kettlebell is covered with rubber and thus ensures a safe, non-slip stand. The plastic-coated handle also enables gentle and ergonomic training. The plastic kettlebell is available in weight dimensions from 2 - 20 kg.

Competition Kettlebell

This kettlebell impresses with its classic design and the processing of robust, durable steel. The coarse handles of the ball weights are untreated and unpainted and can therefore withstand the high demands of professional athletes. The Competition Kettlebell is available in different colors, which allows you to change the kettlebells more quickly. They are available in weight increments from 8 - 40 kg.

Cast Iron Kettlebell

This cast iron kettlebell model impresses with its robustness and durability as well as a very large handle. This makes it ideal for training with two hands that is gentle on the joints. Due to the fine-pored cast iron used, this kettlebell is compact and space-saving. Just like the Competition Kettlebell, the Cast Iron Kettlebell is characterized by higher weight classes from 4 to 40 kg.

The colors used to differentiate the competition kettlebells are generally standardized. This means that the color and the corresponding weight are standardized.

Gewicht in kg Farbe
8 Pink
10 & 12 Blau
14 & 16 Gelb
18 & 20 Lila
22 & 24 Grün
26 & 28 Orange
30 & 32 Rot
34 & 36 Dunkelgrau
38 & 40 Weiß

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In general, you can do a lot of different exercises with the kettlebell. They are characterized by a dynamic movement sequence and an additional load due to the centrifugal forces acting on your body. Below we present you with a selection of basic kettlebell exercises for kettlebell full-body training.

Figure 8

In this exercise, you bend your knees with your legs moderately apart and keep your back straight. Now take a light kettlebell in your hand and move it in a figure eight between your legs. This exercise is for warming up and can be repeated several times. Make sure you grip the kettlebell particularly well here.

Around the Body

For this warm-up exercise, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the kettlebell with one hand and slowly move it around your body at hip height. Here, too, a kettlebell with a beginner's weight - i.e. 2 kg to 8 kg - is recommended. Always keep your feet on the ground.

Deadlift with kettlebell

Now you're warmed up and can try a kettlebell with more weight. When doing deadlifts with a kettlebell, the movement sequence is similar to that with a barbell. You stand with your feet shoulder-width apart again and place the kettlebell between your legs. With your knees slightly bent, bend your body, grab the kettlebell with both hands and stand up straight again.

High Pulls

High pulls are an exercise for advanced users. You stand with your feet hip-width apart again and place the kettlebell on the floor in front of you. Then you squat down with your back straight and grab the fitness equipment. The backs of your hands face forward. Now you slowly stand up and use the momentum to push the kettlebell up to the height of your chin. Your elbows should point downwards when performing the exercise.

Russian Twist

The Russian Twist is particularly suitable for women as it trains the deepest parts of the body. You sit on your bottom with your legs slightly bent and pulled in, but slightly hovering above the floor. You grab the kettlebell with both hands and turn your body from left to right. Your head remains straight.

Kettlebell Swing

This exercise is suitable for those athletes who already have a little more experience using the kettlebell. You start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Your legs are slightly bent. Now grab the kettlebell, which is lying on the floor in front of you, with both hands. From this position, swing the kettlebell forwards in front of you and backwards through your legs, stretching your hips. Continue swinging until it is at chest height. Make sure that your arms do not touch your legs.

Functional training with the kettlebell allows for a wide range of training. Basically, all exercises are about following a fitness program that is relevant to everyday life. Muscle building with kettlebells is usually achieved through a combination of strength training and cardio training. However, training is not entirely safe without the right prior knowledge. The most important thing is to breathe correctly and to perform the exercise in a concentrated manner. In addition, it is particularly important for beginners to start with small weights and gradually try exercises with heavier kettlebells. To ensure a secure footing and thus continue to minimize the risk of injury, sturdy, non-slip shoes are advisable when doing kettlebell training at home.

Functional breathing

During tension-oriented training, which is particularly suitable for beginners, you breathe in forcefully when lowering the kettlebell and breathe out forcefully when raising it. This has the advantage that the torso is stabilized and tensed more easily.

Biological respiration

For competitive kettlebell training or advanced training with many iterations (repetitions), biological breathing is recommended. In this case, you inhale forcefully when the chest straightens and exhale when the body goes down.

The correct use of different kettlebells

Another approach to kettlebell training is the correct use of kettlebells with different weights. When it comes to training maximum strength, it makes sense to use kettlebell dumbbells with a higher weight, as fewer repetitions are performed. Kettlebell beginner weights - i.e. 2 kg to 12 kg - are suitable for strength and endurance training as well as for your cardio program.

As already mentioned, the kettlebell is a wonderful fitness tool. In addition to the diverse fitness program and the different training goals, it is characterized by quickly visible training successes. Studies have shown that with 45 minutes of training per week, a significant reduction in pain in the back and neck area can be felt after just 8 weeks. The dynamic nature of the movements also means that you quickly feel a change in your physical and mental vitality. This is promoted by an improved metabolism and cardiovascular functions. You will notice that you are more alert and more efficient. Your body structure will also soon change because kettlebell training burns calories faster.

Which kettlebell or kettlebell weight is suitable for you depends on your individual training goals. In principle, the assignment can be separated according to training for the upper body or lower body. If the upper body is primarily being trained, kettlebells with a lower weight should be used. This is aimed primarily at people who want to train their muscle strength through exercises such as deadlifts. If the focus is on training the lower body and thus improving stability and core strength, slightly heavier weights are recommended.

Rule of thumb: Use lighter kettlebells for your strength endurance and heavier kettlebells for training your maximum strength.

The general rule for training with kettlebells is that you should start small and increase slowly. For kettlebells for women, a starting weight of 8 kg is suitable for beginners and 12 kg for advanced users. Ultimately, however, it depends on your individual physical requirements and your training progress. Even small weights combined with many repetitions can have a huge training effect.

When it comes to kettlebells for men, as well as for women, you should only use as much weight as you need to so that you don't overdo it. As a rule, a starting weight of 12 kg to 16 kg is suitable for men. Here, too, it depends on the individual's previous knowledge.

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The Bad Company kettlebells for home use are ideal for home training as well as in the gym. They impress with their robust and high-quality workmanship , whether made of steel, cast iron or plastic-coated. The flattened, partially non-slip base also ensures a secure footing. The large, ergonomically shaped handles ensure that the joints are protected and injuries are avoided. The kettlebells are printed with a Bad Company inscription and a kilogram indication and are particularly durable and robust .

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