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At Bad-Company, your sports shop for strength and endurance sports, you will find an extensive range of gymnastics mats that are perfect for various types of training such as yoga, Pilates, aerobics and strength exercises. These mats offer a high level of comfort and joint protection thanks to their 5 cm thick cushioning and are ideal for intensive training sessions. They are also easy to fold, equipped with practical handles and can be stored to save space.


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    Our selection of gymnastics mats

    Discover our wide range of exercise mats that are perfect for yoga, Pilates, fitness and much more. From non-slip yoga mats to thick Pilates mats, find the ideal mat for your workout with us.

    Soft floor mat

    The 3-way foldable soft floor mat from Bad-Company is perfect for a variety of training types such as aerobics, yoga, Pilates or strength exercises. With a thickness of 5cm, it offers pleasant cushioning and is gentle on the joints. It is practical and mobile thanks to its easy folding and carrying handles - ideal for home use or the studio. Manufactured to European standards, it is free of PVC, latex and plasticizers, making it a safe and environmentally friendly choice. Flexible, comfortable and easy to store: a top training partner for all your fitness needs.

    Multifunctional gymnastics mats

    The gymnastics mat from Bad Company, equipped with practical fastening eyelets, is an all-rounder for various types of training. It is ideal for gymnastics, rehabilitation and strength endurance exercises, both indoors and outdoors. The mat is non-slip and moisture-repellent, giving you a secure grip during every workout. With a thickness of 1 cm, it ensures comfort that is gentle on your joints. Environmentally friendly and harmless to health, as it is free of PVC, latex and plasticizers, it is ideal for conscious training. In addition, the multifunctional gymnastics mat can be easily stored on the wall thanks to the eyelets, which makes it particularly space-saving.

    Versatile and practical yoga mat

    The non-slip yoga mat from Bad Company is the perfect companion for yoga, Pilates and gymnastics. Whether indoors or outdoors, this mat offers you a high level of grip and safety during every exercise thanks to its open, sweat-repellent cell structure. With a thickness of 0.7 cm, it provides pleasant cushioning and protects joints such as elbows, knees and hips, which is particularly beneficial during intensive training sessions. The mat is not only elastic and tear-resistant, but also skin-friendly and easy to clean. Its practical Velcro strap makes it easy to roll up for transport, so that the mat can be easily taken with you at any time. Ideal for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable surface for their yoga or fitness program.

    Advantages of our gymnastics mats

    Optimal cushioning: Our thicker mats offer excellent cushioning and comfort, especially suitable for exercises while lying down.

    Versatility : Whether for yoga, Pilates or strength training – our mats can be used in many ways.

    Easy to clean : Our mats are easy to clean, perfect for regular training.

    Non-slip : Our non-slip mats offer maximum safety for dynamic training and standing exercises.

    Durability : High-quality materials ensure that your training mat has a long lifespan.

    Comfort : Many of our mats are lightweight and easy to transport, ideal for training on the go.

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    What should help you

    What you should pay attention to when buying your gymnastics mats

    • Thickness and cushioning: Consider the primary purpose of your mat. For floor exercises, thicker mats are ideal, while for standing exercises, thinner mats are sufficient.
    • Material : Look for high-quality materials that are both comfortable and durable.
    • Size : Make sure the mat is large enough for your height and the type of exercises you do.
    • Non-slip : Choose a mat with good grip to increase safety during your workout.
    • Care and storage: Consider how easy the mat is to clean and store, especially if you use it regularly.

    Our range at Bad-Company

    Whether you are a yoga pro, a Pilates enthusiast or simply someone who wants to keep their body fit, at Bad-Company you will find the right gymnastics mats for your workout. In addition to high-quality yoga mats, you will also find a large selection of diverse sports equipment for your training:

    • Boxing equipment: In our range you will find everything you need for a dynamic and challenging boxing training session. From punching bags to double end balls, punching balls, standing punching bags, pads, skipping ropes and boxing gloves - we have everything you need for boxing. We also offer boxing accessories such as head guards, boxing bandages, leg spreaders and complete boxing sets. Check out our boxing equipment now!
    • Strength training & bodybuilding equipment: We offer a wide range of dumbbells & weights for bodybuilders and strength athletes. Discover our high-quality weights in various materials, dumbbell sets, barbell bars, complete sets and much more. Our products are designed to give you the best possible support in building strength and endurance.

    • Functional Training: Strengthen your body for everyday life and profound sporting demands with our Functional Training Equipment. We offer you a selection of medicine balls, kettlebells, power chains, push-up handles and balance boards to make your training versatile and effective.
    • Aerobics & Cardio: We offer a variety of aerobics and cardio equipment for your home training. From steppers to yoga mats to gymnastic dumbbells - with our equipment you can train your fitness and endurance from the comfort of your own home.
    • Power stations & fitness equipment: Our range also includes power stations and fitness equipment for beginners and advanced users. Discover weight benches, dip bars, free racks and complete stations for a holistic training experience.

    Top quality at Bad-Company: Your gymnastics mat is waiting for you!

    Find high-quality gymnastics mats at Bad-Company. We focus on quality and reliability because we believe that the key to your training success lies in the functionality and safety of the equipment - that's exactly what our gymnastics mats offer.

    Quality over quantity: Our products represent the highest quality and reliability. At Bad-Company, we set the highest standards to ensure that our gymnastics mats meet your needs.

    Experience and expertise: With many years of experience and a competent service team, we are your partner in the areas of yoga, Pilates and fitness. Whether at home or in the studio - our wide range of mats meets every requirement.

    Free shipping: Enjoy free shipping on your selected gymnastics mats. Delivered directly to your home quickly, reliably and at no additional cost.

    Immerse yourself in the world of Bad-Company now and order your perfect gymnastics mat. It is waiting to become an integral part of your training!