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In this section you will find various medicine balls. There is something for everyone - wall balls, medicine balls made of plastic or leather, Pro Grip training balls with handles or slam balls in various weight classes from 1-20 kg. Throwing and catching uses several muscle groups at the same time. With a rebounder you can add variety to your training.


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Our selection of medicine balls

The name "medicine ball" dates back to the 19th century and has its origins in the German-speaking world. The term "medicine ball" was chosen because the ball was originally developed for therapeutic purposes and used in medical rehabilitation. The ball was used to perform various exercises to strengthen muscles and improve coordination. Over time, the medicine ball has become a popular training device for various sports and fitness programs. Today, the term "medicine ball" is used worldwide to describe a heavy, ball-shaped training ball.

Medicine ball with double handle

The differently nubbed rubber surface structure makes the medicine ball extremely easy to grip and sits well in the hands. The solid rubber core makes the ball rebound and allows it to bounce back when hit. The double handles enable varied training alone or with a training partner and make the medicine ball a safe and flexible training device.

Plastic medicine ball

Our plastic medicine balls offer a robust and durable option for your training. They are available in a range of weights and are suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. With their non-slip surface and consistent weight, they offer a wide range of uses, from core training and throwing exercises to full-body workouts.

Leather medicine ball

If you are looking for a classic medicine ball with a premium feel, our retro leather medicine balls are the right choice. They are handcrafted from high-quality leather and offer excellent grip during training. Our leather training balls are available in different weights and are perfect for exercises such as Russian twists, sit-ups and partner throws.

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Applications in various sports

Medicine balls and slam balls are used in various sports to improve athletic performance. In basketball, weight balls can be used for strength training and coordination exercises, while in football, weight balls can be used to strengthen leg muscles and improve shots. Tennis players can use medicine balls for core strengthening exercises to improve hitting power. Weight balls and slam balls are also commonly used in functional training to provide an intensive full-body workout. The possible uses are diverse and can vary depending on the sport and training goal.

Benefits of medicine balls

Full body workout : Exercise balls allow for a full body workout as they can be incorporated into exercises for different muscle groups. You can perform exercises for the upper body, lower body, core and stabilizing muscles to achieve a comprehensive workout.

Strength building : By training with medicine balls you can build strength and muscle mass. The weights of the balls can be adjusted according to your fitness level and goals to allow a gradual increase in the load.

Improved coordination : Medicine balls require good coordination and body control to handle them safely and effectively. Training with weighted balls can improve your coordination skills by training the connection between your brain, muscles and movement.

Stability and balance: Medicine ball training requires stability and balance, as many exercises involve working on an unstable surface. This can help improve your body's stability and balance and strengthen the muscles important for upright posture and a stable foundation.

Functional strength: Weighted balls support functional strength training because they allow you to mimic movements that are common in everyday life or in sports activities. Training with medicine balls can develop the strength you need for lifting, throwing, pushing or rotating.

Versatility : Exercise balls offer a wide variety of exercise options. You can throw them, push them, swing them, spin them and much more. This allows you to vary your workouts and challenge different muscle groups.

Portability : Exercise balls are usually compact and lightweight, making them a portable workout equipment. You can easily take them to the gym, outdoors or while traveling and do your workout anywhere.

Fun and motivation: Training with weight balls can be fun and add variety to your workout. Interacting with a ball-like object can increase motivation and make training more fun.

When training with weight balls, it is important to use proper technique and form and to pay attention to your body's individual abilities and limitations. Consult a trainer or expert if necessary to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and getting the most out of your workout.

Medicine ball exercises and workouts

Medicine ball exercises and workouts offer a versatile and effective way to improve strength, endurance and coordination. Using throwing balls or slam balls allows you to work the entire body and target different muscle groups. Here are some popular exercises you can incorporate into your medicine ball workout:

  • Medicine ball slams: Medicine ball slams are explosive exercises where you forcefully lift the throwing ball over your head and then slam it to the ground with full force. This exercise primarily works the upper body, shoulders and abdominal muscles. Repeat the slams in a controlled but powerful movement for maximum results.
  • Medicine ball throws: You can use throwing balls in a variety of throwing techniques, such as the overhead throw, the sideways throw, or the chest pass. These exercises target the strength of the arms, shoulders, chest, and core. You can train alone or work with a partner to throw the ball back and forth to increase the intensity.
  • Medicine ball crunches: Medicine ball crunches are variations of the classic abdominal exercise. Hold the exercise ball above your chest and perform the crunches by lifting your upper body and activating the abdominal muscles. The exercise ball provides additional resistance and increases the intensity of the exercise.
  • Medicine ball push-ups: Medicine ball push-ups involve placing your hands on the medicine ball and performing push-ups. This not only challenges your chest muscles, but also your shoulders and core. The unstable surface of the weighted ball provides an additional challenge and improves stability and coordination.

You can combine these exercises in a structured training routine or add them to your existing workout program. The choice of medicine ball weight depends on your individual abilities and goals. If you are just starting out, you can start with a light weight ball, such as a 2kg or 3kg medicine ball, and gradually increase the weight. Remember that performing the exercises correctly is crucial to avoid injury and achieve maximum results. If you are unsure, it is advisable to ask a trainer or expert for guidance to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly.

Injury prevention and safety

When training with throwing balls or slam balls, it is important to pay attention to injury prevention and safety. Make sure you warm up properly before starting the exercises to prepare your muscles and joints for training. It can also be helpful to use a medicine ball with a double handle for better control and grip during the exercises. When using slam balls, make sure the floor you are training on is suitable to absorb the impact of the ball. Make sure you use the correct technique and form when doing the exercises and do not overexert yourself. If you have any questions about how to perform the exercises correctly, it is recommended to consult a trainer or expert.

Buy medicine balls: You have the choice

There are several options available when purchasing weighted balls. Medicine balls, also known as exercise balls, weighted balls or throwing balls, are available in different materials, weights, with or without handles and in different sizes.

  • The right material: There are different material options for training balls: plastic, rubber and leather. Plastic weight balls are inexpensive and easy to clean, while rubber weight balls are shock-absorbing and grippy. Leather medicine balls offer a high-quality look and feel. Cowhide medicine balls are particularly robust and grippy. Choose the material based on your preferences and training needs.
  • Choose a weight: Exercise balls come in a range of weights to suit different needs and fitness levels. You can find medicine balls that weigh anything from 1kg to 20kg or more. It's important to choose the weight of the exercise ball based on your own strength and fitness level. Beginners often start with a lighter weight and gradually build up, while more advanced athletes may prefer a heavier weight.
  • With or without handles: Some weight balls come with handles, while others are smooth and without handles. Medicine balls with handles, also known as double-handled medicine balls, offer additional exercise options and allow for a better grip. These handles make it easier to swing or involve the forearms in certain exercises, for example. The choice of weight balls with or without handles depends on personal preference and the exercises planned.
  • Choose a size: Medicine balls come in a variety of sizes. Sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. It is important to choose a weighted ball that fits your hands and body size and allows you to handle it comfortably. It is recommended that you touch the exercise ball before purchasing or check the manufacturer's size specifications to make sure it fits your hands well and is suitable for your intended exercises.

When purchasing medicine balls, it is advisable to consider your individual needs, training goals and preferences. It can be helpful to read customer reviews and recommendations, as well as consider the quality and durability of the product to make the best possible choice.

Buy a medicine ball: Your advantages in the Bad-Company sports shop

You can now conveniently order your weight ball from Bad-Company online. Enjoy the advantages of a wide range of payment options and benefit from fast delivery. We offer deliveries not only within Germany, but also to other European countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands.

High-quality workmanship of our medicine balls

The medicine balls from Bad-Company are characterized by their high-quality workmanship. They are made of durable material such as leather or synthetic leather and have precisely processed seams to ensure a long service life and high tear resistance. Our training balls also impress with individual designs and the Bad-Company application.

Comprehensive range of fitness equipment

In addition to medicine balls, we also offer a wide range of other fitness equipment to complement your training. From leather training gloves and training benches for various strength training disciplines to free racks and dip bars. For a more varied and extensive training, we also offer complete stations. If you want to improve your agility and punching power and perfect your boxing skills, we also have boxing equipment such as boxing gloves, punching bags and skipping ropes on offer.

Fast delivery of your medicine ball

Thanks to our collaboration with DHL/UPS, your medicine ball will be delivered to your home quickly. Delivery within Germany is free of charge and takes 1-2 days after the contract has been concluded. If you would like your medicine ball delivered to Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands or another European country, the delivery time is between 4 and 5 days.

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At Bad-Company we offer you various payment options to make the payment process flexible and convenient. In addition to PayPal and Amazon Pay, payment in advance is also possible.

We look forward to offering you a high-quality medicine ball that supports your fitness goals. Order your new medicine ball now conveniently online from Bad-Company at fair prices.

High-quality workmanship of our medicine balls

The medicine balls from Bad-Company are characterized by their high-quality workmanship. They are made of durable material such as leather or synthetic leather and have precisely processed seams to ensure a long service life and high tear resistance. Our training balls also impress with individual designs and the Bad-Company application.