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There are many punching bags, but which is the best? At Bad-Company you will find high-quality punching bags that meet our high quality standards and keep what they promise. They are made of durable synthetic leather, have optimally processed seams for a long service life, a well thought-out design with the Bad Company logo and include a heavy-duty square steel chain for attachment to the ceiling.

What types of punching bags are there?

In boxing, a distinction is made between different types of punching bags. One of the most well-known punching bags in boxing equipment is the punching bag that is traditionally attached to the ceiling. But there are also many other types of punching bags, such as the standing punching bag or the punching ball. Which punching bag is right for you?

Hanging punching bag

The hanging punching bag is the classic type of punching bag and is attached to the ceiling. Its size and weight allow athletes to work on punching and kicking techniques and, with lighter versions, to train their dynamics, coordination and endurance.

Standing punching bag

The standing punching bag is particularly practical for free placement on the training area. Whether for home workouts, in the gym or in the boxing club: standing punching bags can be moved flexibly and repositioned again and again. This also makes this type of punching bag a little more expensive to purchase than the classic hanging version.

Punching Balls

Punching balls , also known as speed balls, are ideal for training fast punches. The pear-shaped balls are attached to the ceiling or to training stations.

Double end ball

As its name suggests, the double-ended ball is attached to the ceiling and floor at both ends. Like the punching ball, the double-ended ball is only suitable for very few training options.

Punching pads and mitts

Pads and punching pads are designed for technical boxing training. The athlete practices his accuracy with his sparring partner and improves his coordination.

That's why you should start boxing training

Boxing is a very comprehensive sport. It trains the entire body and the mind equally and increases overall fitness. Qualities such as agility, endurance, strength and reaction ability are significantly improved by training on the punching bag. Above all, the muscles in the upper body such as triceps, biceps, shoulder muscles and back muscles are effectively strengthened. With a punching bag at home, you not only train your endurance. Your fitness, coordination and strength will also improve sustainably. Start your boxing training today with high-quality punching bags from Bad company .

By the way : Our Bad-Company punching bags are delivered including a four-point steel chain. So you can attach your new punching bag with the punching bag suspension Attach it directly to the ceiling and start training.

Applications of our punching bags

The punching bag is the ideal solution to save yourself the trip to the gym. Thanks to the four-point steel chain included, your new punching bag can be attached directly to the ceiling. But our punching bags are also the right choice for the free space in the gym or for professional boxing training in the boxing club. Discover the right punching bag now in our sports shop or get in touch with us!

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Which punching bag is right for you? This is what you should pay attention to!

Our Bad Company punching bags are suitable for professional boxing or kickboxing training for both beginners and boxing professionals. But how do you find the right punching bag for you? When choosing your new punching bag, there are four criteria that you should consider.

Punching bag filling

Which filling is best for a punching bag? To save costs on shipping the punching bags, many customers buy their punching bag without filling. The filling material, usually sand, corn or sawdust, textile scraps or plastic granulate, is then filled in at home. We'll tell you which filling material is best suited and what you should avoid.


Sand as a filling material seems obvious when the punching bag is called a sandbag. In reality, however, the filling material is less suitable due to its high density. The reason for this is that the sandbags become far too hard and can become a real strain on the wrists in the long run.


Sawdust and wood chips are also not suitable as filling material for punching bags. The material absorbs moisture, which leads to the formation of mold. The same applies to materials such as grains and pulses. Boxing training causes the filling material to pulverize, which settles in the punching bag and has a similar effect to sand filling - the punching bag becomes rock hard.

Textile remnants

Small textile scraps have proven to be the most cost-effective and optimal filling material. The lightweight material gives way a little during boxing training and is gentle on the wrists. Due to its low density and comparatively light weight, the filling material is suitable for punching bags of 120 cm or larger. For smaller punching bags, we recommend a heavy filling material, as otherwise the bag may sway back and forth after each punch.

Plastic and rubber granulate

Plastic and rubber granules offer a heavier alternative. The filling material is water-repellent and, due to its minimal density, is particularly gentle on the joints. The advantageous properties of plastic granules have proven themselves in the filling of punching bags and are often used.

Which filling material you use depends on how the punching bag is used and on the weight of the athlete. We would avoid sand and other filling materials with a very high density. For large punching bags over 1.20 m, textile scraps are ideal. For smaller punching bags intended for kick training, plastic and rubber granules are suitable.

Outer skin of a punching bag

Punching bags made of genuine leather

Particularly sturdy punching bags are made from robust real leather. Real leather punching bags are among the most durable punching bags. They are abrasion and impact resistant and have a high weight even without filling. To ensure that the leather punching bag lasts as long as possible, the natural material should be cared for regularly.

Artificial leather punching bag

Punching bags made of synthetic leather are significantly cheaper than real leather punching bags and have a clear advantage over natural materials: the material does not age. The material is also robust and easy to care for.

Canvas punching bag

Our punching bags made of canvas nylon are very durable and can withstand high loads. The material is dimensionally stable and can withstand heavy filling material. Its low weight and water-repellent properties also make the material interesting for boxing.

Vinyl punching bags

Vinyl has proven itself as an outer material for punching bags due to its good water and moisture-repellent properties. If well made, punching bags made of vinyl can withstand a lot.

Punching bags in different sizes

Another important criterion for choosing your new punching bag is the punching bag size. The choice of punching bag size depends largely on the type of training and the size of the athlete.

Impact training

For classic punching training, punching bags between 80 cm and 120 cm are sufficient. Ideally, the punching bag should be 10 cm higher than the athlete.

Kick training

When doing kick training with your feet, the punching bag should be a little bigger. Ideally, the punching bag should be 150-180 cm in size.

At Bad-Company you will find punching bags in the sizes

  • 80x35cm,

  • 100x30/35cm,

  • 120x30/35cm,

  • 150x35cm,

  • 180x35cm.

Weight of the punching bag

Depending on the weight of your new punching bag, it will be more or less suitable for certain sports.

Punching bags between 15-25 kg

Light punching bags between 15-25 kg are particularly suitable for coordination training, training your footwork, speed training and cardio boxing.

Punching bags between 25-30 kg

Punching bags in this weight class are suitable for athletes with a body weight of approx. 50-60 kg.

Punching bags between 40-50 kg

Punching bags weighing between 40 and 50 kg are suitable for athletes with a body weight of around 80 kg.

Punching bags over 60 kg

Very heavy athletes and professional boxers with decent punching power are well advised to use a punching bag weighing at least 60 kg. A heavy, robust punching bag is particularly important for kickboxing training.

Determination by body weight

Another way to find out the right weight for your punching bag is to calculate it as a percentage based on your own body weight:

25-50% of body weight

Punching bags that weigh between half and a quarter of your body weight are suitable for speed training, cardio boxing and coordination training.

50-100% of body weight

If, on the other hand, you want to work on your punching power, punching bags that weigh between 50 and 100% of your body weight are particularly suitable. Heavier punching bags are much better for kicking in particular.

Punching bags for children

Finding a punching bag of the right size is not that easy. The dimensions of the punching bag depend on the weight and experience of the athlete. So it makes a difference whether it is a 14-year-old boy with a body weight of 70 kg and kickboxing experience or a 14-year-old boy weighing just under 55 kg with no previous experience.

The use of the punching bag also plays a role. Is it to train endurance and coordination or does the young athlete want to work on his punching and kicking power? Firmer punching bags are better for punching and kicking training. For endurance sports, however, a lighter version is sufficient. You can find out how to determine the ideal weight for your punching bag in the text on "Weight" above.

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