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Boxing Equipment

Our range offers high-quality boxing equipment for all experience levels. We are happy to help you choose the right equipment, be it the right size punching bag or the right boxing gloves.


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Our boxing equipment at a glance

Our boxing equipment at a glance

Are you looking for a punching bag , standing punching bag, boxing gloves , a punching ball , head protection or boxing accessories such as a suspension or a single spring? Then you have come to the right place. If you want an all-in-one package, we also offer complete boxing sets or boxing equipment that contain everything you need to get started.

Boxing gloves

Professional use in every field - ergonomically optimized, padded and with a ventilation system. At Bad-Company, we attach great importance to optimal boxing equipment to make your workout as effective as possible. Boxing gloves are part of the basic equipment. They are suitable for working on punching bags, punching balls, speed balls and corn balls, among other things. They not only protect the knuckles, but also ensure an optimal sporting experience.

We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right boxing gloves for your sporting goals and needs. Find your boxing equipment online now in the Bad-Company boxing equipment shop.

MMA Gloves

In contrast to conventional boxing gloves, mixed martial arts gloves are lighter because they are selected by size rather than weight. Our boxing equipment includes both closed and semi-closed gloves in various sizes. For women, we recommend sizes S/M/L and for men, sizes L/XL. MMA gloves are also suitable for working on punching bags and punching balls as well as for contact training. We have both padded and less padded gloves - both provide reliable protection against injuries when punching.

Punching bags

The punching bag together with the Boxing gloves are the basis for boxing training. From the classic punching bag to the wrecking ball and the corn ball, we offer a large selection in our boxing equipment shop. Our punching bags are available in different sizes, filled and unfilled, and are always supplied with a matching steel chain. You can choose between canvas, PVC and leather to match the punching bag to your training. We are happy to help you choose the right size and material to support you in your training.

Standing punching bags

No way to hang up the punching bag or want variety in your training? No problem with our standing punching bags. We have free-standing, height-adjustable standing punching bags, kickboxing and taekwondo trainers and also body dummies in various designs. They are all robust, hard-wearing and can withstand high loads. For boxing or kickboxing training at home. Suitable for beginners, advanced or professionals - the right boxing equipment for every size and age.

Punching ball

Your little training partner for home gym or studio is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. The punching bags for individual hanging or for boxing equipment are versatile, tear-resistant and an absolute all-rounder. For a sweaty, dynamic and varied workout. Durable seams and real leather ensure a long service life.

Double end balls

Small, practical training aids to really let off steam during your workout. Made from synthetic leather or leather, the double-ended ball is guaranteed to withstand enormous forces. The durable boxing ball is attached to elastic and tear-resistant tensioning straps on two D-shaped suspensions, which are included in the delivery. Our double-ended balls are easy to assemble and are well suited for both the boxing club and the home gym.


Is training alone too monotonous for you in the long run? Then get your training partner and use the various training options that pads offer. They are the perfect equipment for martial artists of all kinds who want varied and safe training. Thanks to the careful seams, the pads can withstand any punches and kicks and guarantee a long service life. The padding on our sports equipment can withstand even hard kicks and fast combinations and protects your sparring partner from injury. The ideal boxing equipment for at home and in the studio.

Boxing accessories

In our accessories category you will find accessories for boxing such as fastenings and decorations. If your punching bag moves too much during training, for example, a steel spring can help. It serves to carefully dampen punches and kicks and reduce swinging. For competitions you will also find a groin guard for adults with a hard shell insert or miniature boxing gloves as decoration in the car.

Equipment for boxing: In the studio and at home

At Bad-Company, we value good training with the right equipment – ​​regardless of whether you want to start at home or in the studio. We'll show you what you need to get started.

The basic equipment: starting a new sport

We have the right boxing equipment for beginners, professionals, young people and adults. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of boxing is the punching bag. You shouldn't be without one either. In addition, the right boxing gloves and bandages are crucial for your sport.

For training in pairs

If you find the sport too monotonous at home, pads are a good way to practice with a training partner. The Bad Company pads can withstand hard kicks and fast combinations and protect your sparring partner from injury.

For your cardio training

Cardio training is also very important for boxing. That's why every boxer needs a skipping rope at home. It offers optimal warm-up training to strengthen endurance and muscles. Punching balls and double-end balls also ensure an active, efficient and varied workout that really gets you sweating.

Boxing equipment for the boxing club

In contrast to training in your own home gym, people often train together in a boxing club. To reduce the risk of injury, you should wear a mouth guard and head protection when training. A chest and groin guard should also be considered and is mandatory in many competitions. Of course, boxing gloves and bandages are also very important here and training could be supplemented with additional boxing equipment such as pads, double end balls and punching balls.

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Buy boxing equipment: Your advantages in the Bad-Company sports shop

What are the advantages of buying your boxing equipment from the Bad-Company online shop? In addition to a large selection, we offer you fast and free delivery in Germany and easy and secure payment for your purchase - so what are you waiting for? Order your boxing equipment from Bad-Company today!

Comprehensive range of equipment for boxing training

We have everything a boxer's heart desires, in various designs. In addition to a large selection of punching bags, we also offer additional accessories that can make your training more efficient and varied.

Everything for strength training

We also have a wide range of products for the strength athletes among us. In addition to dumbbells and barbells, we also offer power stations. From dip bars to weight benches, pull-up bars and leg extensions, we have everything you need.

Fast delivery of your boxing equipment

Free and fast delivery with DHL in Germany. Order online and look forward to receiving your package at home within 1-2 days. International shipping costs to Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy depend on the order value.

Buy boxing equipment online and pay flexibly

We offer you a variety of options to pay for your purchase of your Bad Company Boxing equipment from us.

  • Paypal: Simply pay via your Paypal account or use the direct debit, credit card and purchase on account options - even without a Paypal account.
  • Amazon: Pay quickly and securely with the details stored in your Amazon account. Fully protected by the A-to-z guarantee.
  • Prepayment: Pay in advance and wait comfortably for the ordered goods. There are no further costs, no matter how you decide to pay for your purchase with us. If you have any questions, the Bad-Company team will be happy to help you.

Buy your new boxing equipment now and get started tomorrow!