Punching ball

A punching ball can be incorporated into your boxing training and fitness training in many different ways. Punching ball training helps you to improve your mobility, ensures an upright posture and prevents back problems. This not only allows you to improve your boxing skills, but you will also significantly increase your agility, reaction time, mental strength, speed and coordination skills.


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What punching ball variants are there?

Before you decide to order a punching ball online, you need to be clear about the general conditions and the circumstances at your home. It is also important to know what training goals you want to pursue. Below, we will introduce you to the different types of punching balls so that you can find the model that suits you best.

Double end ball

The double-ended ball is a small punching ball filled with air that is attached to both the top and bottom with an elastic rubber band. These rubber bands are also anchored to the floor and ceiling. The ball is essentially in the air. When you hit the ball with a punch, it bounces in all directions, simulating a real training partner. Speed, timing and reflexes are the focus of boxing training.

Punching bag

In contrast to the double-ended ball, the punching ball is only attached to the ceiling at one end. This spares the floor and also takes up a little less space. With this punching ball, you can train your sense of distance, the rhythm of your punches and the speed of your punches. The unpredictable reactions of the punching ball promote footwork and improve your reflexes.

Punching ball with stand

Another model is the punching ball with a stand. One advantage over the other punching balls is that you don't have to drill or screw anything to start training. However, you do need a little more space. The flexible rod to which the ball is attached also swings around in a certain radius after a punch, helping to train your reaction skills. Compared to the other punching balls, this one is a little slower and therefore suitable for beginners.


The speedball is the most professional and at the same time most solid version of a punching ball. It is anchored to the wall with several screws. Due to the slightly higher position, it is suitable not only for boxing training but also for training the shoulder muscles. The built-in rotating ball bearing means that the punching ball can be subjected to heavy strain, building up speed and improving strength endurance.

Punching balls as all-rounders for your fitness training

The punching bag is an all-rounder in fitness training and enables a better punching rhythm, improves your reaction speed and increases your mobility . Due to the high frequency of the training, you will sustainably train your coordination, explosive strength and endurance . The swing radius can be used to simulate real, fast punching sequences well.

Punching balls for beginners and professionals

The punching ball for adults is suitable for both professionals and beginners. These quality indicators make the punching ball a training partner for a dynamic and intense workout and help you achieve your training goals.

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Buy a punching ball: Your advantages in the Bad-Company sports shop

You can now conveniently order your punching ball from Bad-Company online. Convenient because you can choose from a range of payment options and benefit from fast delivery. We not only deliver within Germany, but also to other European countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands.

High-quality workmanship of our punching bags

Bad-Company punching balls are characterized by their high-quality workmanship . The surface material is made of durable cowhide or synthetic leather and guarantees a long service life and high tear resistance thanks to precisely processed seams. In addition, Bad-Company punching balls impress with individual designs and the Bad-Company application.

Comprehensive range of fitness equipment

In addition to punching balls, we also offer a large range of other items to complete your fitness equipment. In addition to leather training gloves, Bad-Company also offers benches for various strength training disciplines, free racks and dip bars . For those of you who want an even more varied and gym-like workout, we also have complete stations in our range. Would you rather train your agility and punching power and perfect your boxing skills? Then take a look through our boxing equipment, consisting of boxing gloves , punching bags or skipping ropes , like those used by the great boxing legends.

If you want to specifically train your biceps and triceps muscles, we also offer a large selection of barbells, weight plates in different weight sizes and complete dumbbell sets . For beginners among you, we also have compact dumbbells on offer. Feel free to stop by and shop conveniently online at Bad-Company and at fair prices.

Fast delivery of your punching ball

The punching ball will be delivered quickly to your home thanks to the cooperation with DHL, UPS and Wahl & Co. Delivery is free of charge within Germany in 1-2 days after the contract is concluded. If your punching ball is to be sent to Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands or Italy, it will take between 4 and 5 days.

Buy punching balls online and pay flexibly

Bad-Company offers you various payment options to make the payment process flexible and convenient. In addition to PayPal and Amazon Pay, you can also pay by credit card, purchase on account and payment without a PayPal account. You can also pay for your punching ball in advance at Bad-Company.

FAQ: Your questions, our answers

Which gloves for the punching ball?

Despite the high-quality workmanship of the Bad-Company punching balls, you have to be careful to protect your joints and hands. For this reason, it is recommended to wear boxing gloves when training with the punching bag. Punching gloves that are suitable for both the punching bag and the punching ball are particularly suitable. They typically do not have a sewn-on thumb. This allows the boxer to put the gloves on and take them off again independently. The padding is also thinner than on other boxing gloves. This gives you stronger punch feedback and makes it easier to improve your punching technique.

How do I train with the punching ball?

The punching ball - the classic training device from boxing - helps in many ways to build muscle, improve basic fitness and improve your ability to react. The flexible ball swings back and forth not only improves your reaction speed but also your mobility. The punches on the punching ball work all muscle groups. You train your shoulders, chest, arms and sometimes your stomach, especially when you practice dodging. As a beginner in particular, you should also make sure that you hit frontally and in the middle so that the ball does not swing to the side. It is helpful to identify the right distance from the punching ball so that the arm is as stretched as possible when you strike. This also means that your punch reaches maximum force and speed. In addition to classic punch training, you can of course also improve your kicking and defensive combinations with your Bad Company punching bag.

How do I attach the punching ball correctly?

An injury-free and careful training routine is essential. For a good and safe training, the correct fastening and, in the case of a punching ball with a stand, a secure stand are important. The punching balls should be anchored in the wall or ceiling with solid screws and dowels so that they can withstand stronger blows. The punching ball should be at about the height of your head. This keeps your back straight and simulates a real training partner. It can also be helpful to do a few test punches to identify the right height for you.