Clubbells are cone-shaped training devices for efficient and body-focused strength training, available in wood, steel or cast iron. Training with clubbells improves coordination, mobility and muscle strength through rhythmic swinging movements. Suitable for beginners and advanced users, easy to integrate into fitness exercises, transportable and space-saving. Interested in an Indian clubbell? Find out more about the added value of training, variations and basic exercises.


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What types of clubbells are there?

Rubber Indian Clubbell

The Rubber Indian Clubbell is the first product variant. It consists of a cast iron core that is coated with rubber. This means that this clubbell is particularly gentle on the joints during a workout and will not cause any major damage if dropped. The underside is flattened, which makes it space-saving to store and quick to change. This model is available as a swing club with 12.5 kg but also with 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 7.5 kg or 10 kg.

Wooden Indian Clubbell

Not only an eye-catcher, but also a real hit in terms of training. The Wooden Indian Clubbell, a version made of solid wood and sealed with clear varnish, impresses primarily with its high-quality workmanship, its attractive design and the embossed Bad Company lettering. In addition, it is characterized by its durability and a smooth, injury-minimizing surface. It is particularly suitable for beginners, women and children, as it is already available as a 1 kg clubbell.

Steel Macebell

The Steel Mace swing club is the most stable and robust of the models. The shaft of the steel training tool is hollow and thus offers an optimal shift of the center of gravity onto the ball on the head. The Mace Bell is made from one piece, which gives it additional stability and has a knurled handle surface for better grip.

Steel Indian Clubbell

This swing club is also made of extremely robust steel and from one piece. The cone-shaped training device has a flattened bottom for a secure stand and space-saving storage. The clearly visible kilogram indication on the bottom also allows the Steel Indian Clubbell to be changed quickly and provides a good overview of training. It is available in weights from 2 kg to 20 kg.

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The effect of swing clubs is unique in fitness and strength training. The rhythmic swinging in different directions intensifies the strength in the fingers, hands and arms.


Despite its versatility, clubbell training focuses on improving the shoulder muscles, among other things. The primary goal is to improve the mobility of the shoulder girdle. This is why warm-up exercises are often carried out with the clubbell when playing tennis or swimming.

Arm and abdominal muscles

But your arm and abdominal muscles also benefit from training with the Bad Company Clubbell. Simply holding the swinging club requires strength and stability in the dynamic movement sequence. This also requires increased coordination skills and leads to holistic physical fitness. It is not for nothing that this piece of sports equipment is still part of the US Army's training program today.

Cardiovascular system

The positive effect on your cardiovascular system is also a major advantage of clubbell training. By shortening the breaks between exercises and increasing the number of repetitions, your heart really gets going and your pulse rate increases. Combined with this higher frequency type of training, fat burning is also stimulated and endurance is improved.

Rehabilitation training

Conversely, a calm, gentle workout with the clubbell at home offers great potential for rehabilitation sports. The conscientious and controlled execution of the exercises can help to slowly rebuild shoulder and upper arm muscles following an operation or injury.

In general, you can do a variety of exercises with the clubbell. All of them are characterized by a dynamic, harmonious movement sequence and an additional load due to the centrifugal forces acting on your body. Below we present you with a selection of Indian clubbell exercises.

Front press

In this exercise, you grasp the clubbell with both hands. Now you push it away from you in front of your upper body with your arms outstretched. Now you have to hold this position for a few seconds and then you can pull it back towards your body. Change the position of your hands as you go. While you push the weight away from you, you breathe out and take a breath when you pull it back towards you.


The windmill is performed with two clubbells. It is particularly important for beginners to use low weight classes, as the shoulders are subjected to very high loads. In the starting position, you stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold the clubbells loosely in your hand. Now you start to move the clubbell backwards with one hand in a sweeping movement. When it is almost above your head, pull the other hand after it. Now you simply move your arms in circles like a windmill. Make sure you stand and keep your head stable. As you bring the clubbell up, you breathe out and take a breath as you circle it downwards.

Other typical exercises are: heavings, squats, pitchings, yawings. The rule of thumb for clubbell training is: use lighter clubbells for your strength endurance and heavier clubbells for training your maximum strength.

Buy clubbells for intensive fitness and strength training

The Bad Company clubbells for the gym or at home can be seamlessly integrated into your training program. They impress with their robust workmanship , regardless of whether they are made of steel, solid wood or cast iron. The flattened underside also allows for a secure and space-saving stand. The ergonomic and partially knurled handles ensure that the handles are easy on the joints. The clubbells are printed with a Bad Company inscription and a kilogram indication , so that they can be changed quickly.

Fast delivery of your Clubbells

You can be sure that your Clubbells will be delivered to your home quickly. Delivery takes place after the contract has been concluded, is free of charge within Germany and usually takes 1-2 days. If the Clubbells are to be sent to Belgium, Italy or the Netherlands, for example, this takes around 4-5 days.

Buy Clubbells online and pay flexibly

We try to make shopping as easy as possible for you. That's why you can choose from a variety of convenient and flexible payment options at Bad-Company. You can choose between PayPal , credit card, purchase on account - even without a PayPal account. Payment via Amazon Pay is also possible. You can also easily pay for your Clubbells in advance . So what are you waiting for? Select your payment method and get started. Buy your new Clubbells now!

Order Clubbells online

You can now easily order your Bad-Company Clubbell online. Choose from a range of payment methods and benefit from fast delivery. We deliver within Germany, but also to Belgium, Italy and other countries.

Comprehensive range of fitness equipment

No matter whether you are doing rehabilitation sports, strength training at a professional level or boxing - everyone will find what they are looking for with us. In addition to an extensive selection of clubbells in various sizes and weights, we also offer other items for strength training or functional training .

Here you will find kettlebells , steel power chains, jump boxes , medicine balls and even iron gym hammers. Are you looking for training equipment for a less strength-focused and more endurance-focused workout? Then our Aerobics & Fitness category is exactly what you need. If you would rather do “classic” strength training like bench presses and dumbbell training, you will also find what you are looking for. Just take a look at the Dumbbells & Weights section. Are you just lacking additional equipment but not training equipment? Then our huge range of training accessories is at least worth a look. At Bad-Company you will find everything you need to fully set up your home gym at a fair price. Feel free to stop by. Here you can conveniently and safely buy Indian Clubbells or whatever your athlete’s heart desires.

Order Clubbells online

You can now easily order your Bad-Company Clubbell online. Choose from a range of payment methods and benefit from fast delivery. We deliver within Germany, but also to Belgium, Italy and other countries.