Abdominal trainer

An abdominal trainer from Bad-Company is ideal for a six-pack and a strong core. It stabilizes your spine, promotes healthy posture and improves your balance. These versatile devices are of high quality and suitable for all training levels. Find out more about the applications and find the right abdominal trainer for you.


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Which abdominal trainers are available at BC

Abdominal trainer

This piece of sports equipment, also known as the “Ab Crunch Mat”, is a simple, space-saving and inexpensive alternative for doing your abdominal muscle training. It is an ergonomically shaped foam mat, approximately 28 x 38 x 7 cm high, covered in artificial leather. The primary training purpose of this home abdominal trainer is - as the name “Ab” suggests - sit-ups. The underside of the mat is covered with a non-slip rubber coating for a smooth exercise routine. It weighs less than a kilo. The advantage of this mat is that the muscles are stretched more and the back is protected.

Back extension and abdominal trainer

This model of our abdominal training equipment impresses with its 2-in-1 Roman chair/abdominal bench combination. It enables effective training of the abdominal muscles, but also parts of the back muscles. A total load capacity of up to 200 kg offers people of different body types the chance to train at home with this abdominal trainer. The 5-way height-adjustable cushion rollers enable individual adjustment and gentle abdominal muscle training. Thick padding and a stable stand round off this back trainer and make it the ideal, safe training device.

Abdominal and back trainer

This abdominal and back trainer also offers the possibility of training several muscle groups in the torso and abdominal area. By regulating the padded bar, you can coordinate which body regions are being used. In addition, the intensity of the exercises can be varied by manually adjusting the splint on the selector disc (28-way adjustable). In addition, weight discs (30/31 mm & 50/51 mm) can be attached. Thick padding and a stable stand round off this abdominal trainer and make it the ideal, safe training device.

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What exercises can be done with the abdominal trainer?

In the case of abdominal trainer fitness equipment, the first step is to carefully assemble and correctly adjust the equipment. In addition, the exercises should be carried out calmly and correctly. When using your training equipment for abdominal muscle training, the correct adjustment and posture are particularly important. The following exercises are based on our “abdominal and back trainer” and the “abdominal trainer” as examples.

Sit ups

Everyone knows the sit-up exercise, but many people do it wrong. To avoid muscle tension, we'll explain how to do it correctly.

In the starting position, you lie on the "Ab Crunch Mat" abdominal training device and your legs are slightly bent on the floor. The higher side points towards your bottom and the flatter side points towards your head. The hill is positioned in the lumbar region, just above your buttocks. Now you lay your body lengthways on it. Make sure your upper body is straight and your arms are stretched out. From this position, try to straighten your body up quickly, but not too quickly, into a sitting position. Your bottom stays fixed. When you are sitting, your shoulders are above your hips and your hands are just touching your feet.

Are you already experienced and do sit-ups seem too easy? No problem! Then just grab a medicine ball or a weight plate and do the exercise again on your abdominal trainer at home. The advantage of the abdominal trainer mat is that you always maintain the correct position and your buttocks do not slip.

Roll up

When rolling up, the starting position is the same as for the pulling exercise. The difference is, as the name suggests, that you roll up your back from the bent-over position, vertebra by vertebra. You start with the lumbar vertebra and end with the head. This exercise is much more demanding and therefore more suitable for advanced users.

Train exercise

For this exercise, you lie in the starting position facing forward on the pelvic pad of the abdominal and back trainer. Now slowly lower your upper body over the pelvic pad. When you are far enough down - ideally your fingers almost touch the floor - you have to pull your upper body back up to the starting position using the strength of your abdominal muscles. During the entire exercise, hold your hands behind your head or in front of your chest.

Side plank

The movement sequence for the side plank is similar to that for the roll-up, except that you lie on your side on the back trainer and rest your feet on the floor. You cross your arms in front of your chest and keep your body straight. Now you let it bend slightly over the pelvic pad at hip height. When you feel the tension, pull yourself back to the starting position. Do this exercise a few times and then change the side of the load.

Buy versatile abdominal trainers and start training at home

The abdominal trainers from Bad-Company are characterized by robust construction for particularly high resilience and durability . And all this with a low weight. The Bad-Company abdominal trainers are intuitive to use and can be used by women, men, beginners and advanced users alike. They have ergonomic, thick padding for gentle training. Rubber on the feet and the rubberized underside also ensure that the device stands securely and is non-slip . These quality features make the abdominal trainer a stable and effective training device and help you build abdominal muscles. So start browsing and conveniently buy your Bad-Company abdominal trainer online.