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The cable pull, also known as a cable pull station, is a versatile and popular strength training device in the gym and home gym. It can be used to perform numerous exercises for the arms, core and shoulders. The device offers a holistic workout and strengthens the core of the body. Compared to exercises such as bench presses, the cable pull is safer because you can test your limits without a partner and without any risk. If you are considering buying a cable pull, you will find all the information you need for your training goals here.


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Types of cable pulleys: What are there?

As with many other sports equipment, there are different versions of cable pulls for home or the gym, each with their own advantages. They differ in terms of size, complexity and usability. Basically, a distinction is made between the single cable pull and the cable pull station with two cable pulls and the lat pull - where the cable comes from above. Whether you are looking for a cable pull for wall mounting or ceiling mounting, lat pull or cross-over cable pull - you are sure to find what you are looking for at Bad-Company.

Cable pull ceiling mounting

This Bad-Company cable pull for ceiling mounting is an ideal, inexpensive entry-level model. It offers the possibility of one-sided as well as two-sided training in the smallest of spaces. Simply find the appropriate ceiling position and assemble it in no time at all thanks to the included mounting material. The delivery also includes a triceps rope, a lat pull bar, rowing handles and other accessories that can be used with the cable pull for ceiling mounting and thus enable various exercises. The maximum load here is 100 kg.

Cable pulling station

The cable pull stations are among the most complex cable pulls. They are characterized by a variety of adjustment options, high robustness and integrated training accessories. In contrast to the previous models, this cable pull does not have to be mounted on the wall or ceiling, but only assembled. It includes a pull-up bar and can withstand a maximum load capacity of 150 kg. The cable pull machine is height-adjustable to 15 positions and can be equipped with 30/31 mm and 50/51 mm weight plates.

Cable pull wall mounting

This model of our cable pulls is suitable for wall mounting. It has two height-adjustable handles and can be fitted with 30/31mm and 50/5mm weight plates thanks to the adapters supplied. The structure consists of a square frame construction and thus ensures long-lasting training fun. The maximum load capacity of the cable pull for wall mounting is 150kg. The device is mounted using the mounting material included in the delivery at a distance of 22.5cm from the wall. This saves space and at the same time ensures that the exercises are carried out safely.

Cable pull with plug-in weights

This model is suitable for the advanced strength athletes among you. The cross-over cable pull with plug-in weights is the ideal complete device consisting of two cable pulls and a pull-up bar. The plug-in weights are made of cast iron and can be scaled from 5-80kg. Rubber end caps ensure a secure stand and enable a safe training process. The pull-up bar can withstand a maximum load of 300kg and therefore also allows pull-ups with additional weights. The scope of delivery includes triceps bars, snap hooks, one-hand cable handles and much more. There is guaranteed to be the right accessory for everyone.

Lat pulldown

This cable pull prioritizes training of the broad back muscle (musculus latissimus dorsi) and the lower fibers of the trapezius muscle (musculus trapezius pars ascendens). The lat pull is made of strong steel and can withstand a maximum weight of 150 kg during this training. This cable pull for home use impresses with its diverse cable pull settings and very low weight (32.9 kg). The rubberized end caps ensure that it doesn't slip and enable training while standing, sitting or lying down. This fitness cable pull comes with a lat pull bar, pull chains, pull straps, adapters and much more. Do you still have questions about the lat pull? We're happy to help you and advise you on choosing your cable pull from Bad-Company.

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Example exercises with the cable pull

Triceps exercises cable pull

When training triceps, the back arm muscles are trained by pulling them from top to bottom. You grab one of the handles with each hand and slowly pull it down in front of you with your arms close to your body until your arms are fully extended. Make sure your upper body is straight and you do it slowly. You breathe out when doing the triceps exercise on the cable pull and breathe in again when you return to the starting position.

Biceps exercises cable pull

Similar to the triceps exercise, the biceps exercise trains the front arm muscles by pulling upwards from below. You grab one of the handles with each hand and slowly pull it up in front of you with your arms close to your body until your arms are completely bent. Make sure that your upper arms remain vertical. Here too, breathe out when performing the biceps exercise on the cable pull and breathe in again when returning to the starting position.

Butt exercises cable pull

This exercise should be of particular interest to women. An example of this is the cable pull-through or hip extensions on the cable pull. To do this, you stand at a reasonable distance with your back to the cable pull tower. The rope should be set to the lowest height, i.e. right at the bottom. You should stand with your feet hip-width apart, your knees slightly bent, your back straight and your upper body bent forward. Now grab the rope and slowly straighten up and pull it between your legs until you are almost standing upright. The rope should be slightly taut from the start and your bottom should be tense. The same applies here: exhale when doing the butt exercises on the cable pull and inhale again when returning to the starting position.

Shoulder exercises cable pull

This exercise is basically structured in a similar way to the previous exercise. You stand with your back to the cable pull at home, almost hip-width apart. However, your upper body is upright and not bent. You grasp the rope or cable pull bar with both hands and pull the bar up in front of you without jerking, with your arms almost outstretched. For more advanced users, the exercise can also be done with one hand. When doing the shoulder exercise on the cable pull, you also breathe out when pulling up and breathe in again when sinking down.


How is a cable pull constructed?

Before you can start training, you need to carefully assemble and correctly adjust your home gym cable pull. Solidly screwing the individual components together is essential here. A cable pull with weights is the perfect piece of sports equipment for beginners and advanced users. It basically consists of one or two ropes/belts/steel ropes, handles attached to them and weights. The cable pull weights are either pulled up and down on the ropes directly over the pulley provided or using a weight sled over one or more pulleys. The classic pulley principle. At the other end of the rope/cord there is a hook with a carabiner to which various handles can be attached.

What is the effect of cable training?

As already mentioned, training on the cable pull is versatile and allows different muscle groups to be stimulated depending on the exercise. In contrast to other fitness equipment, it also trains through rotating movements. The cable pull exercises that are characterized by rotation strengthen your core muscles, strengthen the core of your body, improve your back muscles and change your stretching resistance. Muscle function training also stimulates fat burning and thus helps you lose weight and achieve a stable load curve (muscle load remains largely the same).

In general, the following muscles are targeted when training in the home gym with cable pull or lat pull: the broad back muscle, the trapezius muscle, the shoulder muscles, especially the deltoid muscle, and arm muscles such as the biceps, triceps or arm flexors.

What height for cable training?

The height of the cable pull handles depends on the exercise and your height. For some exercises, the cable pull should be at chest height, whereas for other exercises, the cable pull should be at hip height. For all exercises, make sure that your elbows are slightly bent to avoid injuries to the joint.

What weight on the cable pull?

The answer to the question of which weight is right for you depends on your physical characteristics and your level of strength. Especially as a beginner, you should start with cable pulls with weights in the lower kilogram range. It is better to do several rounds and work your way up steadily than to work with too much weight at the beginning and possibly cause muscle injuries.

As a small guide, this much can be said: women and young people often start with 15-30kg weight per set on the Bad Company cable pull station. For men without much training experience, we recommend a starting weight of between 30-50kg. One set corresponds to an average of 8-12 repetitions. However, you will notice that with regular training on the cable pull you will quickly improve and be ready for more weight.

What exercises can you do with cable pulleys?

The exercises that are possible with a cable pull with plug-in weights or weight plates are very varied. They sometimes differ only marginally depending on the model. However, they are all characterized by the pulling of the cables and a fluid and even movement sequence. During your training, you should make sure to address every major muscle group every week. To make it easier to understand, we base the following exercises on the cable pull with wall mounting and double-hand cable handles.

Order cable pull online

You can now order your Bad-Company cable pull conveniently, easily and simply online. Choose the payment method that suits you best and benefit from fast delivery. We deliver within Germany, of course, but also to neighboring countries such as Belgium and Italy.

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Order cable pull online

You can now order your favorite Bad-Company cable pull station online easily and conveniently. To make the purchasing process as simple as possible, you can choose from a variety of payment methods. You can also benefit from fast delivery throughout Germany, but also to Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries.

Buy cable pull conveniently online and pay flexibly

Bad-Company offers you various payment options to ensure the most convenient and flexible payment processing possible: You can pay your bill using PayPal , direct debit, credit card, purchase on account, even without a PayPal account. You can also pay via Amazon Pay or advance payment. This makes shopping fun. Buy your new cable pull online now!