Barbell bars

Do you want to set up a professional home gym? Then you can't do without the basics, such as barbells and suitable weight plates. With the right set-up, you can do a variety of fitness exercises and train different muscle groups. No matter whether you're looking for classic dumbbell training, bodybuilding or cross-training, at Bad-Company you'll find a large selection of barbells and accessories for an excellent training program. Take a look at the online shop now.


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Types of barbells: What types of barbells are there?

In this section you will find barbells in various lengths and materials. First you have to choose between a short or long barbell bar, depending on what you want to train. Then you have to decide on the appropriate diameter - 30/31 mm or 50/51 mm.

Dumbbell bars

The basic equipment of every athlete's dumbbell set-up includes the dumbbell bar with the corresponding weights. This dumbbell bar can be equipped with different, sometimes lower weights and is therefore ideal for beginners. The arm muscles are primarily trained here. They are available in lengths of 35, 42 and 51 cm. The diameter of the dumbbell bar (30/31 or 50/51 mm) determines the possible load capacity. They also have the lowest weight of 3 - 5 kg.

✓ For bore weights: 30/31 and 50/51 mm

✓ Max. load capacity: 80 kg (30/31 mm) and 100 kg (50/51 mm)

Barbell bars

Another barbell for building strength is the barbell bar, which can be categorised as such from a length of 120 cm. They have a very high load-bearing capacity and are therefore suitable for the more advanced among you. The barbell bar from Bad-Company can hold weights of up to 150 kg and can be ordered online in 8 lengths (120, 130, 150, 170, 180, 200, 218, 220 cm) - but this increases the weight of the barbell. In the case of the Olympic version, these have a practical roller bearing and are made of spring steel. This enables optimal training for the back, arms and shoulders.

✓ For bore weights: 30/31 and 50/51 mm

✓ Max. load capacity: 150 kg (30/31 mm), 350 kg (50/51 mm) and 750 kg (50/51 mm)

SZ barbells

The wave shape of the SZ barbell (also known as curl bar) makes this barbell bar - also classified as a barbell bar - ideal for effective arm training, both for the biceps and triceps. The special shape relieves the strain on the wrists and is therefore suitable for beginners, professionals and bodybuilders. With a length of 120 cm, they can withstand a load of 100 kg.

✓ For bore weights: 30/31 and 50/51 mm

✓ Max. load capacity: 100 kg (30/31 mm) and 150 kg (50/51 mm)

Super SZ bars

This barbell is similar to the standard SZ barbell, with the difference that it has a pronounced wave shape and a higher load capacity - up to 200 kg. Thanks to its high load capacity, this barbell is very suitable for hardcore bodybuilding. It is also characterized by a particularly joint-friendly training feel.

✓ For bore weights: 30/31 and 50/51 mm

✓ Max. load capacity: 200 kg (30/31 mm) and 150 kg (50/51 mm)

Tricep Barbells

Another alternative to the barbell is the triceps barbell. The special shape of this barbell allows two grip variations, which place different levels of strain on the triceps. Another advantage of these special handles is that they protect the joints and ligaments by allowing them to be used in a natural hand position. The load capacity varies between 150 kg and 250 kg.

✓ For bore weights: 30/31 and 50/51 mm

✓ Max. load capacity: 150 kg (30/31 mm) and 250 kg (50/51 mm)

Hexagon Bars

The Hexagon Bars are a barbell for full-body training. The hexagonal shape makes this barbell suitable for training the upper and lower body. Squats can be performed as well as deadlifts and shoulder lifts. Thanks to the 2.5 cm solid steel reinforcement, the Hexagon barbell from Bad-Company can support a load of 300 kg. Ideal for advanced users and bodybuilders. The central focus of the handles also promises ideal load distribution and protects your back. The Hexagon Bars have the highest weight of all barbells at 20 and 23 kg, respectively, which also allows for advanced training without additional weights.

✓ For bore weights: 30/31 and 50/51 mm

✓ Max. load capacity: 350 kg (30/31 and 50/51 mm)

Special Bars

In addition to the barbells listed so far, there are also a number of special versions - the special bars. These include, for example, the Heavy Duty Strongman Long Bar - weight just under 31 kg - which stands out due to its special design. Due to its high weight, it has to be held further away from the body - which puts optimal strain on the back muscles - and it can withstand a load of up to 400 kg. It is very suitable for CrossFit. There is also the Tri-Trap Bar, which is ideal for triceps and shoulder training thanks to its shape and two different grip variations, and is particularly gentle on the hands and wrists thanks to the ergonomic, rubberized handles.

✓ For bore weights: 50/51 mm

✓ Max. load capacity: 400 kg

Barbell sets

Are you still inexperienced in handling dumbbells and a beginner in fitness? No problem! Our barbell sets are the perfect way to get started. All barbells, whether long, short or curled, come with the appropriate fasteners. You only have to choose the weight plates that are right for your training program and training goals. Visit our shop now and put together your dumbbell set-up easily online.

✓ For bore weights: 30/31 mm and 50/51 mm

✓ Max. load capacity: variable

Order barbells online

You can easily buy your Bad-Company barbell online. Choose from various payment methods and benefit from fast delivery. In addition to Germany, we also deliver to other European countries such as Belgium and Italy.

Barbell bars from Bad-Company are characterized by a solid, robust solid steel or spring steel design. They are available either chrome-plated or black-oxidized and have a rigid weight plate holder that can withstand different levels of weight plate load. The knurled, marked , partly rubberized and ergonomic handles protect your hands and wrists sufficiently. The Olympic dumbbells also have a practical roller bearing that allows the plates to "rotate" and ensures a smooth exercise sequence . These quality features make the barbell a robust full-body training bar and ideal for achieving your training goals. The barbell bars and the matching weights are therefore suitable for training at home as well as in the gym.

Pay for barbells flexibly

Bad-Company offers you a variety of payment options for the most convenient and flexible payment process possible. In addition to PayPal , you can also pay by direct debit, credit card, purchase on account - even without a PayPal account. Payment is also possible via Amazon Pay . You also have the option of paying for your barbell conveniently in advance .

Comprehensive range of fitness equipment

In addition to a large selection of pull-up bars, we also offer you an extensive range of other items for strength and fitness sports. In addition to the barbells, we also have a range of weight plates in different weight dimensions and dumbbell accessories such as handles and lifting straps . Apart from leather training gloves to protect the palms of your hands even better, Bad-Company also offers benches for different strength training disciplines, free racks - for squats and as a storage area - and dip bars - for upper body training with your own body weight. For those of you who want a versatile and gym-like workout, we also have complete stations in our range.

Of course, we also have compact dumbbells with different weights for beginners. If you want to train several muscle groups at the same time and define your upper body, you should try exercises with a medicine ball . Here you can find everything a strength training heart desires and at reasonable prices. Take a look in the shop - here you can buy Bad-Company pull-up bars and benefit from the large selection of other high-quality fitness products.

Fast delivery of your barbell

The barbell from Bad-Company will be delivered quickly to your home thanks to the cooperation with DHL, UPS and Wahl & Co. Delivery takes place 1-2 days after the contract is concluded and shipping is free within Germany. The barbell needs 4-5 days if it is to be shipped to Belgium, Austria, Italy or the Netherlands.

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Your questions about our barbells

What hole diameters are available for barbells?

The so-called hole diameter indicates which weight plates or weights fit on the barbell. The dimensions are standardized and can be differentiated according to standard size and Olympic size. Both model variants are available for dumbbells and barbells. The standard size barbells have a hole diameter of 30 mm. They can be fitted with space-saving, compact 30/31 mm weight plates. The Olympic size barbells therefore have a 50 mm hole diameter and can be fitted with 50/51 mm weight plates. The larger diameter is due to the ball bearing in the barbell, which provides stability and balance. The Olympic plates are larger and are used more often by advanced users and bodybuilders.

What barbell closures are there?

There are also different types of closures for barbells. They all have their own advantages when it comes to attaching the weight plates. A distinction is made between clamp closures and screw closures.

Spring closure

The spring lock belongs to the group of clamp locks. This means that no threads are required on the barbells. They are simply pressed together slightly at the designated points and pushed over the barbells. This prevents the weight plates from wobbling around. The spring lock also allows the weights to be changed quickly.

Star closure

The star lock can be classified as a screw lock. The barbell requires a suitable thread for assembly, onto which the lock is screwed. Assembly takes a little longer, but is safer and prevents the weights from slipping sideways. This alternative is particularly recommended for beginners.

Which barbell for deadlifts?

It is considered one of the best exercises for a muscular, well-trained back - the deadlift. But which barbell is best suited for this? Since this exercise is one of the most demanding and at the same time most prone to injury, high-quality equipment is of utmost importance. The load-bearing capacity of the barbell and the surface of the handles are particularly important. Large, knurled grip surfaces are good here.

Which barbell for bench press?

Bench presses are one of the most popular strength exercises among fitness athletes and bodybuilders. A barbell is best suited for this. It should definitely have a sufficiently long inner dimension to fit into the designated shelves on a bench press. Barbells with a length of 160 - 180 cm should be sufficient to ensure you can do a comfortable and efficient workout.