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No leg day without leg stretchers! Strong, defined legs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also essential for optimal performance. Leg stretchers not only shape the legs, but also prepare them for the stresses of everyday life. In addition, intensive leg training promotes hormone production and stimulates fat burning. Whether in the gym or at home, get started and strengthen your legs for a more athletic body!


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Types of leg extensions: What leg trainers are there?

As with many other pieces of exercise equipment, there are different models of leg extension machines with individual advantages. Below we present some of our models so that you are as well informed as possible when you want to buy a leg extension machine.

Leg extensors and flexors

This model is the most versatile and at the same time the most complex. It combines leg extension and leg curl and allows for individual adjustment to the user's training needs. The construction is made of 5 x 5 cm thick steel and is therefore extremely durable. Rubber coatings ensure high stability and sturdiness. Ergonomically shaped handles made of natural rubber also enable a comfortable, joint-friendly workout with the leg extension device. The sports equipment can be equipped with all common weight plates with 30/31 mm and 50/51 mm holes. The maximum load capacity of the dumbbell rack is 80 kg

Leg extension and flexion for the multifunctional weight bench

This leg part accessory can be attached to weight benches of the BCA-49 format. The use of high-quality steel guarantees a long service life and stability when performing exercises. Heavily padded leg fixations ensure that leg extension exercises at home are carried out smoothly, gently and safely and without strain on the joints. With the help of an adapter bar, standard and Olympic-sized weight plates can also be attached here. Would you like to know whether you can also mount this leg extension on your weight bench? We would of course be happy to help you.

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How do I adjust the leg trainer correctly?

In the starting position, you should always slide your buttocks all the way to the padded backrest and straighten your back. The padded rollers should be positioned depending on whether you want to train your quadriceps or hamstrings. In any case, the joint of the combination device should be at the height of your knee. If quadriceps training is planned first, position the lower padded roller just above the ankle. The upper padded roller is in the squat position.

If you then want to train your hamstrings as part of your leg workout, the lower padded roller should be positioned approximately above your Achilles heels, just below your calves. The upper padded roller should be positioned slightly below your knees.

How do I train correctly with the leg extension machine?

The correct execution of the exercise with the leg curl-leg extension combination device is essential to prevent injuries. When performing the exercise, the stretching movements should take place over the entire length if possible.

The optimal weight for your leg training with the leg extension fitness machine depends on your training level and your physical fitness. However, you should note that the exercise should not take more than 2 seconds concentrically and 4 seconds eccentrically. Important: Avoid turning your knees in and out. This is very dangerous!

  • The ideal exercise routine looks like this:

Stretch: 2 seconds

Flexion: 3 seconds

90° bending: 1 second.

Repetitions: 10-15

  • Execution of leg training: With this training focus, you lift the weight from the ankle by stretching the knee or knees in front of you. This is similar to a kick in football. Make sure to perform the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner. Your back is straight on the backrest. Your upper body is stable and maintains a constant sitting position. Breathe out when lifting and breathe in again when lowering.
  • Execution of leg curl training: For this training focus, you should press your heels down and at the same time bend or bend your legs backwards as far as possible. In fact, pull your heel towards your buttocks. Then slowly bring the weight back, but never fully straighten your legs; always leave them slightly bent. Exhale when bending and inhale again when returning to the starting position.

Is training with the leg extension machine harmful to the knees?

No. Training with leg curls and leg extensions is not harmful to your knees. This opinion is simply the result of incorrect use of the fitness equipment. Quite the opposite. Using them even has therapeutic value and is often used after knee injuries. It stabilizes and strengthens the knee joint. In order to prevent injuries during leg training, however, correct execution (as described above) is important. This means avoiding "throwing the weight upwards".

If you are using the leg extension machine in the gym or for rehabilitation purposes due to a knee injury, it is recommended that you move the upper padded roller a little closer to the knee. This will reduce the load on this knee and increase the regenerative effect.

Which exercises with the leg trainer?

When training on the leg extension combination machine, there are only limited variations compared to other fitness machines. This is not least due to the importance of a controlled exercise execution that minimizes injuries. However, there is the option of doing the exercises with one or both legs. The only difference is that one or two legs are positioned under or over the padded roller. Of course, you should also use less weight with the one-legged version, as the load on your knee is significantly higher.

Buy a leg extension machine for intensive home training?

The versatile Bad-Company leg extension machine is characterized by a stable and robust steel construction for particularly high resilience and durability . It is suitable for women, men and also for rehabilitation training. The leg trainer and leg curler is very easy to set up or to mount on a weight bench. In the case of the freestanding model, there are rubber pads on the feet that ensure that the leg trainer stands securely and is non-slip . With its durable, joint-friendly padding and its stable frame, this leg extension machine is a must-have in the home gym and will help you achieve your training goals. So get started now and simply buy your Bad-Company leg extension machine online.

How to do proper leg training with the leg extension

In order to set up and implement your leg training correctly, it is first important to understand what leg extensors (quadriceps) and leg flexors (hamstrings) are. The leg extensor, also known as quadriceps, is a muscle group located on the front side of the thigh. The antagonist of these muscles is the leg flexor, which is located on the back side of the thigh. The muscle groups are responsible for extending and flexing the leg and thus a pronounced function of these muscles is essential for every athlete, whether footballer, strength athlete or swimmer.

Order leg extensions online

You can now order your leg stretcher from Bad-Company easily and simply online. Choose one of the various payment methods and benefit from a

fast, secure delivery. In addition to deliveries within Germany, we also ship to other European countries, such as Belgium and Italy.