Dumbbell rack

Our dumbbell racks are the ideal addition to your home gym or studio. With their robust construction and well thought-out features, they not only offer safe storage for your dumbbells, but also a practical solution for effective and organized training. This not only saves space, but also minimizes the risk of accidents.

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Dumbbell racks: What types are there?

Our Bad Company dumbbell racks come in different designs. With our dumbbell racks you can concentrate fully on your workout without having to worry about the organization and safety of your equipment.

Our dumbbell racks made of solid steel not only offer an aesthetic appearance, but also ensure that the dumbbells are stored neatly and safely. Our racks are all extremely stable thanks to their high weight and the option of being attached to the floor.

Heavy-Duty 5 Series

This storage rack has space for up to 5 or 10 pairs of dumbbells, depending on the model. For better clarity, KG stickers from 5-15 kg or 5-27.5 kg are supplied at the factory. If a different layout is required, this can be specified after purchase. The quality features include a solid 2-level storage device, a very stable stand due to the high weight and gentle storage thanks to odorless hard plastic half-shells.

Heavy-Duty 10era

The 2-stage dumbbell storage system from Bad Company offers both beginners and professional bodybuilders the perfect solution for storing dumbbells with an inner handle dimension of at least 15 cm. The dumbbell rack is made of robust steel and can therefore withstand weight loads of up to 500 kg or 700 kg. The saddle pads used to place the dumbbells are made of hardened plastic and ensure that the dumbbells are protected. The dumbbell rack offers space for a total of 10 pairs of dumbbells or 20 individual dumbbells.

Hexagon 2er

Our dumbbell rack system for 10 pairs of dumbbells offers you space for 10 pairs of dumbbells. Bad Company presents this dumbbell rack as an ideal accessory for beginners and experienced bodybuilders who want to improve their dumbbell training. The dumbbell rack of the dumbbell rack is made of robust steel and has rubberized pads to optimally protect the dumbbells.

Hexagon 3-piece

The dumbbell rack has space for up to 14 pairs of dumbbells and is equipped with rubber-coated shelves that ensure gentle storage. Thanks to the device for fixing to the floor, the dumbbell rack is particularly stable and safe to use. The shelf for dumbbells made of robust and solid steel guarantees a long service life and reliable support during training.

Storing and cleaning your dumbbell racks

In order to optimally clean a dumbbell rack and protect its properties, you should consider a few points.

Rubber shelf

To clean the rubber shelf, always use a mild cleaner. Be careful not to use aggressive chemical cleaners or abrasive materials to avoid damaging the shelf. Then wipe the surfaces with a clean, damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Cleaning the dumbbells

You can also use a mild cleaning agent for the dumbbell bars. Again, avoid using abrasive tools to avoid scratching the coating. Dry the dumbbells with a clean towel to avoid water stains.

Solid steel frame

The steel frame of the dumbbell rack can be wiped down with a mild detergent and a clean cloth or sponge. Be careful not to scratch the frame and dry it thoroughly to prevent rust.

By cleaning and maintaining it regularly, you can ensure that your dumbbell rack remains clean, hygienic and in good condition, while maintaining its robust properties.

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Order dumbbell racks online: Well thought-out selection of fitness equipment at Bad Company

Get started with training - with the diverse range from Bad Company. Are you a beginner and want to start training? For this purpose, we offer you compact dumbbells in various weight classes. For a studio-like training in your own four walls, we have complete stations in our range. We are also equipped for your extensive boxing training. In addition to suitable leather training gloves , we offer you benches and dip bars for your strength training with your own weight. If you want to train several muscle groups at the same time and define your upper body, our medicine balls are the right choice. well served. Our range is completed by weight plates in various weight classes, as well as handles, lifting aids and free racks. Buy your dumbbell rack now from Bad Company.

Fast delivery of your dumbbell rack guaranteed

Thanks to our partnerships with DHL, UPS and Wahl & Co., your dumbbell rack from Bad-Company will reach you quickly and directly at your door. Within Germany, free shipping takes place within 1-2 days after the contract is signed. If you are in Belgium, Austria, Italy or the Netherlands, the delivery time is 4-5 days.

Flexible payment options for your dumbbell rack

At Bad-Company you can choose from various payment options to ensure a convenient and flexible payment process. In addition to PayPal, we also offer direct debit, credit card payment, purchase on account and payment without a PayPal account. You can also pay via Amazon Pay. Alternatively, you can pay in advance. Get your dumbbell rack from Bad-Company now!