Standing punching bags

Do boxing training comfortably at home? The best way to do this is with the free-standing punching bags from Bad-Company! Without the hassle of attaching a wall bracket like with hanging punching bags, you can simply set up the punching bag with a stand and start training straight away.


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What types of standing punching bags are there?

As with many sports equipment, there are different versions of standing punching bags with their own individual advantages and aimed at different target groups. They differ in terms of the material used, size and complexity. Regardless of whether you want to buy a standing punching bag or are interested in a boxing stand with hit points, you will definitely find what you are looking for at Bad-Company.

Freestanding punching bag with vinyl

The Bad-Company Heavy Duty standing punching bag is an absolute all-rounder for professional boxing and kickboxing training! Whether you're a beginner or advanced - with the free-standing punching bag, everyone can train like a pro, regardless of height and age. A punch to the right, a kick to the top left - the standing punching bag with a fixed base is ideal for carrying out different kick and punch combinations and improving your own technique. Thanks to the patented reflex spring system, coordination and mobility can also be put to the test. The black punching bag with a large striking surface is extremely durable and sweat-repellent thanks to the vinyl used, which ensures improved punch and hit combinations and prevents slipping. The free-standing standing punching bag is also available in another version with a compact punching bag made of synthetic leather and with a height-adjustable function.

Boxing stand including punching bag

The free-standing punching ball from Bad Company is not only a good training device for the home gym, but can also be quickly dismantled and reassembled and used in the studio. The bar of the device can be adjusted as desired from 113 to 155 cm and is therefore not subject to any age restrictions. The punching ball can be used to specifically train endurance, reaction speed and mobility and effectively uses several muscle groups throughout the body. The punching ball is also available in another version, with a swiveling boxing bar, which challenges your speed and accuracy. Many other important boxing skills are also trained, such as ducking, defending, dodging and hand-eye coordination.

Height adjustable punching bag dummy

The standing punching bag dummy from Bad Company has a stable reflex spring function, which ensures that both muscles and joints are protected when performing the exercises. The imitated upper body shape of the boxing dummy allows kicks and punches to be targeted precisely. The punching bag dummy primarily trains reaction speed and your own physical strength. It is therefore very suitable for boxing and kickboxing training as well as for performing self-defense exercises.

Boxing stand with hit points

The boxing stand with attached strike point pads is a versatile and essential training device for professional boxing training. With the boxing tree, as this training device is also called, you can not only train your punching power and combinatorics, but also the coordination of the individual punches. The various pads can be adjusted 7 or 9 times and can therefore be optimally adapted to any body size. Thanks to the integrated uppercut cushion in the middle, you can also practice and perfect the uppercut.

Tilt standing punching bag with hit points

The standing punching bag with hit points is the perfect training buddy for practicing punches, kicks and combinations at home. The punching bag has a practical rebound feature, which means that the standing punching bag stands up again on its own after a hard hit on the ground. This way, the exchange of blows can continue undisturbed and your strength endurance can be put to the test. The painted hit points can be aimed at as a target and thus also improve your own hitting accuracy.

Order standing punching bags online

Have you made your decision? Then you can order your standing punching bag from Bad-Company easily and simply online. Choose the best option for you from various payment options and benefit from fast delivery. We deliver throughout Germany, to Italy, Belgium and other countries within the EU.

Comprehensive range of boxing and fitness equipment

In addition to a large variety of standing punching bags in different designs and with different training focuses, we also offer a large range of other items to help you with effective boxing training. Take a look at our boxing equipment category. There you will find punching bags , punching balls , boxing gloves and double end balls .

Are you still inexperienced in boxing and just want to try something new? Then our boxing sets are ideal for you. If you are a bit more experienced, we recommend our pads and MMA gloves so that you and your training partner are adequately protected.Boxing bandages are also a good option here, as they provide more support and comprehensive protection.

Boxing training is not enough for you and you want to add some extensive strength training? Then you will definitely find what you are looking for in the categories of dumbbells & weights as well as strength training equipment & fitness equipment. Just take a look around our online shop. There you will find a wide range of sports equipment as well as various standing punching bags for sale.

Fast delivery of your standing punching bag

You can hardly wait to receive your standing punching bag? Thanks to DHL and UPS, you don't have to! Because your standing punching bag will arrive quickly and generally within 1-2 days at your home throughout Germany. Delivery is even free within Germany. If the standing punching bags are sent to Belgium, Austria, Italy or the Netherlands, for example, this takes between 4-5 days.

Buy standing punching bags online and pay flexibly

In order to make the payment process as convenient and flexible as possible, Bad-Company offers you a variety of payment options. You can choose between Paypal or Amazon Pay. You can also conveniently pay for your punching bag with stand in advance. So what are you waiting for? Buy your new standing punching bag now!

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Your questions about our standing punching bags

What are the advantages of standing punching bags?

The biggest advantage of the standing punching bag is that, unlike the hanging punching bag, no complicated assembly is required and no holes need to be drilled in the ceiling or wall. The standing punching bag can be completely assembled in just a few easy steps and is immediately ready for boxing training. With hollow walls or ceilings, there is also the risk that the hanging device will tear out of the wall and cause even larger holes. With the standing punching bag, on the other hand, no damage can be caused to ceilings or walls and you can work out without worrying.

How is a standing punching bag constructed?

The basic structure of standing punching bags is the same. The main components are a base, a flexible but durable trunk and a padded hitting surface. A free-standing punching bag differs from a hanging punching bag in that the location of use can be varied. In addition, the standing punching bag reacts to the blows using a spring mechanism and transfers the energy to the entire device.

How high should a standing punching bag be?

The standing punching bag should generally be about 10 cm larger than the person training in order to have enough space for different punches and kicks. When it comes to size, however, the diameter or frontal width of the punching bag should also be taken into account in order to ensure a balanced workout.

What can you fill a standing punching bag with?

The base of the standing punching bag must have a good grip during training and contribute to better shape stability. Therefore, the base is filled with either sand or water. Depending on the size and weight of the punching bag, the base is filled more or less in order to be able to withstand the force of the blow.

Which standing punching bag is right for me?

Each of the freestanding punching bag variants offered by Bad-Company has its own individual advantages. For this reason, they are aimed at different target groups and goals. Which model suits you best depends very much on your requirements. However, there are a few guidelines. Smaller freestanding punching bags are more suitable for children, as they are usually still inexperienced. The same often applies to beginners, although body size is crucial in these cases. Do you primarily want to train your evasive technique and less punching power? Then the swinging, freestanding punching bag is suitable for you. However, if you would rather train punch and kick combinations, a punching bag dummy or a boxing stand with hit points is more suitable. For the more advanced among you, a leather freestanding punching bag is recommended, as this is even more robust and lasts longer with more intensive use.

What exercises can be done with standing punching bags?


First of all, let's be clear: shadow boxing is done without a standing punching bag. The exercise is used to warm up and is essential for starting any training session. Ideally, you stand in front of a mirror with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold your fists up. Now you try to hit your reflection in the mirror in a sensitive spot. The exercise seems trivial, but it requires a great deal of concentration and coordination. The first protective and defensive positions are also conceivable here.

Sequence with the leading hand

The aim of this punch is to keep the opponent at a distance and prepare for a subsequent attack. To do this, position yourself about an arm's length in front of the punching bag and, for example, if you are right-handed, place your right fist protectively on your chin and your left fist offset in front of it. The right arm is close to your chin and in this scenario you take a step forward with your left foot. Then you execute a punch with your left fist. The arm is turned at a 45 degree angle and the pelvis rotates forward.

Sequence with the striking hand

This punch is an attack. Your step position is the same as for the lead hand strike. When you prepare to strike with your right fist, your hips and pelvis turn towards the target and your right heel lifts up. This means you leave your guard. You put all your strength into this punch, as it is an attack. Then quickly return to your guard.

Once you have done both exercises separately a few times, you can perform a punch combination. This will train both your attack and defense behavior.

Is a standing punching bag suitable for kickboxing?

The question of whether a standing punching bag can be used for kickboxing cannot be answered directly. In principle, not every standing punching bag with a stand is suitable for kickboxing. A standing kick punching bag is characterized by its high weight so that it can withstand much stronger kicks and thus protect the joints. For example, the Bad-Company Punching Bag Dummy or the Bad-Company Heavy Duty Standing Punching Bag are suitable for kickboxing training. When the stand container is filled to its maximum in the 190 cm x 40 cm version (BCA-72), it has a weight of 130 kg (water) or 150 kg (sand). This allows you to use powerful punch-kick combinations without the training device falling over.