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Are you looking for the ideal pair of MMA gloves? Our high-quality models offer optimal protection and comfort for your training. Made from durable materials and with carefully crafted seams, they are the perfect choice for every MMA athlete. Check out our selection now and find your perfect companions for training!


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Advantages of our MMA gloves

  • Robust - Resistant freefight gloves for training on the punching bag, the corn or boxing bag as well as other training variants.
  • Effective - The 3 cm thick padding ensures high shock absorption and protects martial artists from injuries.
  • Stable - Velcro straps act as bandages, support the wrists and increase comfort. Grip bars stabilize the fists.
  • Practical - recesses reduce the formation of sweat and thus reduce the amount of care required.
  • Durable - High-quality, flexible synthetic leather or genuine cowhide paired with carefully crafted seams make them durable training companions.

Below you will find out everything about MMA gloves: information on training approaches, purchase criteria, how to care for them. Just read on and find out more.

MMA gloves for beginners and advanced

The MMA gloves from Bad-Company are ideal for beginners and advanced martial artists. They impress with their high-quality, robust workmanship, durable seams and a long-lasting outer material - regardless of whether they are MMA gloves made of real leather or synthetic leather. The thick padding of more than 3 cm provides you and your training partner with maximum protection and a high level of impact absorption can be guaranteed. The tension straps on the boxing gloves offer additional protection and good grip. They also ensure better wearing comfort. Cut-outs in the palms of the hands ensure that both the MMA gloves made of real leather and the synthetic leather MMA gloves reduce sweating. The MMA gloves have an attractive, sporty design and the Bad-Company logo on the striking side.

Which MMA glove is right for me?

Which MMA glove is right for you depends on your preferences and training goals. Here are a few factors that could influence your decision.

Training on the punching bag: Medium padded gloves are sufficient

If you primarily train on the punching bag with MMA gloves, medium-padded gloves are sufficient.

Sparring: Significantly more padded gloves recommended

However, if you want to do sparring, we recommend gloves with significantly stronger padding to better protect you and your training partner, but at the same time to be able to execute your punches and kicks correctly.

Processing and quality are crucial

The workmanship and quality of the MMA boxing gloves are particularly important. They guarantee a long service life and injury-free training. This is due in particular to thick padding, a durable outer material and well-finished seams.

Materials: artificial leather or genuine leather

The MMA boxing gloves from Bad-Company are available with synthetic leather and real leather uppers. Both versions demonstrate the highest quality standards and only differ in price and care.

Recommendation for beginners and amateurs

Basically, as a beginner or amateur, you should use MMA gloves with sufficient padding.

Training tip: Use of pads

In order to learn and improve your striking and kicking technique in MMA, training with so-called pads is a good idea.

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Your questions about our MMA gloves

How do I train with MMA gloves?

How you train with MMA gloves depends on your personal progress. Are you more advanced? Then you will probably already have experience with sparring and train regularly with training partners. If, on the other hand, you are a beginner, then the focus is not only on the punching and kicking technique, but also on your basic fitness and strength.

Classic MMA training usually consists of the following disciplines: strength, explosive strength, endurance, technique and mobility training as well as practical fights. During strength training, you concentrate on exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses and rowing. These exercises have the great advantage that they not only work your upper body muscles, but also your core muscles and other muscle groups.

Exercises such as crunches or dynamic exercises with a kettlebell or a sling trainer also train the core of the body. Sprint exercises or jumping exercises are also suitable for explosive strength. The MMA gloves are then first used for technique training. Here the process varies from punching bags to high-intensity interval training to individual training with a coach. It is important for training success that you carry out the exercises with the freefight gloves calmly and with high concentration. Just as with strength training, excessive repetitions are not recommended here.

How do I care for MMA gloves?

Just as important as choosing the right MMA boxing gloves is proper care. It should be noted that MMA gloves, whether made of leather or synthetic leather, should not be washed completely. Instead, simply clean them by hand with lukewarm water. Mild cleaning solutions can also be used, but must be removed thoroughly. You should then let your MMA gloves for punching bags and sparring dry at room temperature. Depending on the model, it is also advisable to wear boxing bandages under the gloves to reduce the amount of sweat absorbed into the foam padding and to provide additional protection.

How do MMA gloves differ from other boxing gloves?

Good boxing gloves for MMA, such as those offered by Bad-Company, are generally lighter than conventional boxing gloves. For this reason, they are not differentiated by weight, but by size (S, M, L, XL) and not, as is usually the case, by ounces (oz). We recommend MMA gloves in sizes S, M and L for women and children and sizes L and XL for men. In addition to being used in partner training, MMA gloves are also suitable for punching bags. We have both padded and less padded ones - both of which provide reliable protection against injuries when punching. MMA training gloves are also characterized by their open fingers, especially on the thumb. This has the advantage that you can put them on yourself and also that you can use the right grips when grappling - ground fighting. MMA competition gloves, however, usually do not have a sewn-on thumb.

What advantages do I have with Bad-Company

You can now order your MMA gloves from Bad-Company online easily and simply. You have the option of choosing from various payment methods and benefit from fast delivery and high quality.

Comprehensive range of fitness equipment

The Bad Company online shop is characterized by a large range of all kinds of sporting goods. In the boxing equipment section you will find boxing machines , boxing gloves and punching bags as well as skipping ropes , pads and head protectors . Do you value safety? We do too! That's why we also have a large selection ofboxing bandages that provide more support and protect your joints even better. We also offer boxing sets for those of you who have just discovered boxing.

Would you like to expand your workout a little? Then you'll definitely find what you're looking for in our dumbbells & weights or strength training equipment & fitness equipment. Take a look at our online shop and shop conveniently online at Bad-Company.

Buy MMA gloves online, pay flexibly and have them delivered quickly

We work with DHL, UPS and Wahl & Co. to ensure that your MMA gloves are delivered to your home as quickly as possible. Delivery usually takes place within 1-2 days after the contract has been concluded. Shipping is even free within Germany. You don't live in Germany? No problem! We also ship to Belgium, Austria, Italy and other EU countries. Shipping here will take 4-5 days.

To ensure the most convenient and flexible payment process possible, Bad-Company offers you a variety of payment options. Use Paypal or the payment options offered there, such as direct debit or credit card - even without a Paypal account. Payment via Amazon Pay is also possible. You can also conveniently pay for your MMA gloves by prepayment . So, what are you waiting for? Buy your new MMA gloves online now!