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The Bad-Company power station offers fitness enthusiasts a comprehensive all-in-one solution for versatile strength and fitness training. With it, you can strengthen your upper body, back, stomach and legs and achieve your fitness goals such as explosive strength, endurance, maximum strength and general physical fitness. Regular training prevents back problems, poor posture and osteoporosis, improves the cardiovascular system and gives you vitality. Benefit from a first-class price-performance ratio, high-quality workmanship and good service at Bad-Company. Visit our online shop and see for yourself.


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Buy power stations for intensive and effective home training

The power stations from Bad-Company are suitable for training at home as well as in the gym. The power stations are made of solid 4.5 x 4.5 cm and 7.5 x 7.5 cm thick steel. The intelligent and high-quality construction of this fitness device impresses with its diverse adjustment options for the leg devices (double and quadruple) and the back padding (five-way). The shelf for a barbell can even be adjusted seven times, from 84 cm to 114 cm. It is manufactured in a standardized manner and is suitable for all common barbells with an inner handle dimension of 104 cm or more. The rubber coatings also ensure a good grip and protect the floor. The power stations, which can withstand a maximum total load of 300 kg, are heavily padded and particularly durable and robust . The design of this power station also impresses with the Bad-Company lettering and a shiny silver outer material.


What are the advantages of a Bad-Company power station?

If you choose a home gym power station from Bad-Company, you will benefit from the following advantages in addition to those already mentioned:

Robust - High-quality and solid steel

Space-saving - the power station is foldable

Good hold - solid fixation through rubberized legs

Comprehensive - includes accessories and a lat pull-down bar

Design - with Bad-Company application

Versatile - the power station offers potential for at least five different exercises: bench press, incline bench press, leg extension, butterfly and lat pulldown

You can always be sure of the highest quality standards when you buy a multifunctional power station from Bad-Company. The thick, extensive padding also ensures a gentle workout.

Further advantages of training with a power station at home:

  • You are flexible with your time
  • No waiting time at the device
  • You determine the condition of the strength equipment
  • There are a number of expansion options available
  • Long-term money savings compared to the gym
  • The training intensity and duration can be individually adjusted
  • Specific training preparation for other sports
  • and much more.

Which exercises can be performed on the weight station?

The Bad-Company power stations combine weight benches with a leg trainer and a lat pull-down station. Depending on how complex a power station is, this results in many more exercise variations in addition to the basic exercises - sometimes 50-100 variations. In addition to correctly assembling the power station, it is essential to find out exactly how to set up the power station correctly in order to avoid injuries. In addition, the exercises should be carried out calmly and correctly. When using your power station, the correct setting and posture are particularly important. The following exercises are based on our "multifunctional power station" as an example.


The butterfly exercise is a basic exercise for your chest and front shoulder muscles. In the starting position, you sit upright on the seat cushion with your back against the backrest. You now place your arms at a right angle to the side behind the padding of the bars at the height of your biceps. Your hands grasp the bars at the top. Your feet are firmly on the ground. Now move your arms towards each other until the padded handlebars meet in front of your chest. Breathe out as you do this. Breathe in as you slowly bring your arms back to the starting position.

Leg extension

The leg extension is a basic exercise for training your leg muscles, especially your thigh muscles. In the starting position, you sit again on the small separate seat cushion at the foot of the power station. Your knees are at the height of the swivel joints of the fitness equipment. While your thighs are still completely on the seat, position the foot roller between your shin and ankle bone. Now, while tensing your upper body, lift your thighs. Avoid straightening your legs. When you return to the starting position, you can breathe in again as usual.

Lat pulldown training

Lat pull-down training is an exercise to improve your shoulder and triceps muscles. You sit upright on the seat cushion with your back against the backrest. You grasp the lat pull-down bar with your hands and keep your arms at a right angle. If this is not possible as standard, lower the lat pull-down bar slightly. Your feet are again firmly on the floor. Now pull the lat pull-down bar down in front of your head to chest height. Remain there for a moment and then slowly lower the lat pull-down bar again.

Which exercises are suitable for beginners?

For beginners, the motto is: start low, get high. So try to avoid too much weight and overexertion, especially in the initial phase. Basically, all exercises are also suitable for beginners. You should just start with a little weight. We also recommend that beginners do not train more than two to three times a week, because your body first has to get used to the "new" increased strain. The sessions should not last more than 30 to 60 minutes.

Which accessories are helpful for effective training on the weight station?

When ordering accessories for power stations online, it also depends on what is planned for your training plan and your training goals. In addition to a protective mat, a selection of dumbbell sets is recommended. Depending on the exercise, you can use dumbbells and barbells. If you are a bit more advanced and experienced, you can also think about additional weights. To protect yourself and your joints, professionals often use training gloves. This is particularly important in combination with dumbbell training on the power station. If you decide to buy the multifunctional power station online from Bad-Company, a chain extension and a lat pull-down bar are already included.

What should you pay attention to when using a power station?

With regard to aspects worth noting when using a fitness power station, a distinction can be made between the pre-purchase and post-purchase phases or training phases. The reasons for this are the complexity and size of the Bad-Company power station.

What should you consider when buying a power station?

The power stations for the home offer many advantages, including versatility and durability. However, unlike dumbbell training or training with smaller fitness equipment, they require a larger free space. You should therefore check the conditions at home in advance and create enough space for the power station for professionals and amateurs. The power station shown, for example, is 235 cm long, 202 cm high, 108 cm wide and weighs just 69 kg. When folded up, the dimensions are reduced to 125 cm in length. This means that an area of ​​just over four square meters is usually sufficient for this power station. The type of training is decisive for the space and additional buffers. If you are planning to train to the side of the fitness equipment, an additional radius of movement of over 1.5 m is recommended. The room height is also important. The room should be at least 210 cm high so that assembly can take place without problems.

You should also make sure that you protect the floor sufficiently. The weight of the power station, your own weight and any weight plates exert immense forces on the floor. For this reason, it is best to place a mat under the device. This also makes it easier to move the power station in the home gym.

What mistakes should you avoid when using a power station?

The most important element when training with a training station at home is warming up. A common, underestimated source of injury is the failure to warm up the joints and tendons. For this reason, you should stretch and possibly even do a few circuit exercises on a mat before starting your training program.

Equally important is calm execution and patience. Amateurs in particular often overestimate what they can achieve on the machine. It is therefore better to start with a low weight and do a series of repetitions. Breaks between exercises are also very important so that the muscles can relax again. Regeneration is essential. This also means that you should not train the same parts of the body every day and also not every day in general. Another mistake that both beginners and amateurs make concerns breathing. In conjunction with calm execution of the exercises, correct breathing is essential to avoid excessive physical strain (e.g. unhealthily rising blood pressure). The best rule here is to follow: exhale when physically exerted and inhale when physically relaxed. In order to avoid one-sided physical strain, you should also always train both sides.

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Order your power station online

You can order power stations from Bad-Company easily and simply online. You can choose from a range of payment options and benefit from fast delivery. We deliver not only throughout Germany, but also to other European countries.

Comprehensive range of equipment for fitness and strength training

Apart from a selection of power stations, we also offer you a large range of fitness equipment and other items for strength and fitness sports. In addition to back trainers and abdominal trainers, this also includes leather training gloves for even better protection of the palm of the hand. Bad-Company also offers Benches , free racks and dip bars . For the more advanced among you, we also have pull-up bars and push-up handles.

Would you rather optimize your maximum strength? No problem! Then you will probably find what you are looking for in the dumbbells & weights section. Do you prefer free, primarily bodyweight-based training instead? Then take a look at our Functional Training section. Feel free to stop by and shop conveniently online at Bad-Company.

Fast and safe delivery of your power stations

The home gym power station will be delivered quickly to your home by DHL/UPS. Delivery usually takes 1-2 days, is free of charge in Germany and is also possible to Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. Outside of Germany, delivery takes place within 4-5 days after the contract has been concluded.

Buy power stations online and pay flexibly

Bad-Company offers you a variety of payment methods to ensure the most convenient and flexible payment process possible. We accept the following payment options: PayPal and Amazon Pay . Payment in advance is also possible. Pay in the way that is most convenient for you. What are you waiting for? Buy your new power stations now!