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Dumbbells & weights

Dumbbells are one of the most popular training devices in strength training. A dumbbell consists of a bar with weights attached to each end, which vary depending on the training level. Training with dumbbells is generally referred to as dumbbell training and is part of the field of strength training.

What types of dumbbells are there?

There are different types of dumbbells. The most common are dumbbells or barbells. Dumbbells are one-handed dumbbells, whereas barbells are two-handed dumbbells. There are also dumbbells that come with their own weight and dumbbells that are fitted with individual weight plates, the weight plates, to achieve the desired training weight.

Dumbbells & compact dumbbells: the classic

Dumbbells or compact dumbbells are popular training equipment in the home gym because they can be used in a variety of ways. Compact and dumbbells come as fixed or variable models. This means that the dumbbells already weigh themselves or are variably equipped with weight plates. The weight depends entirely on your fitness level. You can start with dumbbells weighing 0.5 kg or more.

Barbells for more weight

Barbells have a longer barbell than dumbbells. There are also different shapes of barbells : the straight bar or the SZ bar. Unlike dumbbells, barbells often come with a variable weight.

Suitable barbells for effective strength training

When buying barbells, safety and training comfort should be the main focus. A comfortable grip on the bar is essential for good strength training. The straight barbell is suitable for beginners, while those who already have more training experience and a higher training level can use the SZ barbell .

Complete sets: dumbbells for all occasions

Dumbbell sets or complete sets are perfect for training at home. Different dumbbell sizes and weights allow you to train more effectively. The complete sets can also be stored easily and in a space-saving manner.

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Gymnastic dumbbells or aerobic dumbbells are the absolute all-rounders. These dumbbells enable a varied workout with numerous exercises. The weights of the aerobic dumbbells range between 0.5 kg and 10 kg.

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What can you train with dumbbells?

With dumbbell training, you can train almost every part of your body. A big advantage of dumbbell training is that it strengthens your core muscles, as there is no support or equipment to help with body stability and posture. You are challenged without any equipment. In addition to classic bench presses, bicep curls and shoulder presses, exercises such as squats with additional weight or bent-over rowing are also popular with dumbbell training. Barbell training mainly consists of bench presses, squats or deadlifts. In general, you can say that the entire upper body and legs can be trained with dumbbells - even at home in a home gym.

Which dumbbells are particularly suitable for women?

Strength training is not just for men. Women should not be afraid of weights or training with dumbbells either. Dumbbell training has a positive effect on many areas, such as general posture or targeted definition of various muscle groups.

Which dumbbells are suitable for women depends on their level of training. For beginners, a dumbbell weight of 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg is suitable for women. It is important to practice and perfect the correct movement and training sequences before increasing the weight. The repetitions and sets of the training units also depend on the dumbbell weight.

When buying women's dumbbells, you should also pay attention to the quality. The grip and balance are crucial for a pleasant training session. Soft dumbbells are therefore particularly suitable in the lower kilo range up to 1.5 kg and fit well and securely in the hand.

In general, there is no limit to the maximum weight of dumbbells for women. The athlete's level of training and safety are the main priorities here.

Our Bad Company tip for women: Don’t overdo it and increase the weight slowly and steadily.

Which dumbbells are suitable for training at home?

If you are looking for dumbbells for your home workout, you have come to the right place! At Bad-Company you can buy various dumbbells cheaply. We also offer complete sets of dumbbells. But which dumbbells are best for training at home?

In the home, weight machines or equipment usually do not take up too much space. Therefore, dumbbells and barbells are perfect for home workouts. The advantage of dumbbells lies primarily in the dumbbell sets. This quickly turns the corner of the living room into a small home gym for many different exercises and training sessions. Individual weight plates can also be easily stored or stacked and only take up a small amount of storage space. The disadvantage when training is the need to put the plates on and take them off. Dumbbells made of cast iron offer the advantage of flexibility. This means you can easily change the dumbbells depending on the exercise - without the hassle of plugging and screwing.

There is no information about the weight of dumbbells for home use. It all depends on your own well-being, level of training and safety. There are no limits to the weight of the weight plates in the home gym either.