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Functions of our weight belts

  • Core stabilization: A weight lifting belt helps stabilize the core by increasing intra-abdominal pressure.

  • Lower back protection : It provides support for the lower back and can help prevent injuries.

  • Improved performance: Many athletes report that they can lift heavier weights with a belt.

Advantages of weightlifting belts at a glance

  • Improved stability: Weight lifting belts provide additional support for your lower back and abdomen, which increases stability when lifting heavy weights. This helps keep the spine in a safe position and minimizes stress on the lower back. A good weight belt is essential here.
  • Reduced risk of injury: By providing increased stability and support, a weightlifting belt helps reduce the risk of injury, especially in the lower back area. This is especially important when performing exercises such as squats and deadlifts. A powerlifting belt can be particularly helpful here.
  • Increased intra-abdominal pressure: Wearing a weight lifting belt increases intra-abdominal pressure, resulting in better core stability. This helps you lift heavier weights more safely. A fitness belt or abdominal belt can also enhance this effect.
  • Durability: Made from sturdy materials and reinforced stitching, our weight lifting belts are designed to withstand the rigors of intense workouts and provide long-lasting durability. When you purchase a weight lifting belt, you are investing in a long-lasting training tool.
  • Support for maximal lifts; For maximal or sub-maximal lifts, a weight lifting belt provides the extra support you need to push your limits and achieve new personal bests. A weight training belt or training belt is particularly useful for this.
  • Comfort: Our weight lifting belts are made of high quality materials that conform to the body and provide a comfortable feel. The soft inner padding prevents uncomfortable rubbing and pressure points. Look for a weight lifting belt that is both effective and comfortable.
  • Better posture and technique: A weight lifting belt promotes correct posture and technique by helping you maintain proper form. This is crucial to avoiding injury and maximizing the effectiveness of your exercises.
  • Versatility: Weight lifting belts are great not only for weightlifting but also for other strength-based sports such as powerlifting and strongman. They are a versatile tool for anyone looking to improve their performance and safety during training.
  • Aesthetics: Our weight lifting belts are available in different designs and colors, so you can choose a belt that suits your style and complements your training outfit. If you want to buy weight lifting belts cheaply, you will find a large selection here.

Using a weight lifting belt allows you to train more safely and effectively, leading to better results and an overall improved training experience. Visit our weight lifting belt shop and find the perfect belt for your training. Buy a training belt now and improve your performance!

Differences between our weightlifting belts


Leather belts offer great strength and durability and are often used by powerlifters and professional weightlifters. In contrast, belts made of nylon or neoprene are more flexible and lighter, making them ideal for general fitness training and CrossFit.


The design of weightlifting belts also varies. In terms of width, wider belts (around 10 cm) offer more support, especially in the lower back area. The thickness of the belts can vary from 6 mm to 13 mm; thicker belts offer more support but are less flexible. There are both straight belts and anatomically shaped belts that are adapted to the natural shape of the body and often offer more comfort.

Locking mechanisms

There are several options when it comes to closure mechanisms. Classic double-prong or single-prong buckles offer a very secure fastening but require more time to put on and take off. Velcro closures allow for quick and easy adjustment but may not offer the same level of security as buckle closures. Lever closures, on the other hand, offer the most secure fastening and are easy to adjust but require the belt to be purchased in the correct size.

Using our weight belts


Powerlifting requires maximum stability and support, so thicker leather belts with buckle or lever closures are commonly used. These belts provide the necessary rigidity to stabilize the core and protect the lower back while lifting extremely heavy weights. The leather belt helps increase intra-abdominal pressure, which stabilizes the spine and minimizes the risk of injury. Make sure to buckle the belt tight enough to provide support, but not so tight that it interferes with breathing.

Olympic weightlifting

Olympic weightlifters often prefer narrower belts that allow for more freedom of movement for the upper body. These belts are less stiff than those used in powerlifting, allowing for more dynamic movements required in techniques such as the snatch and clean and jerk. A narrow belt still provides support for the lower back without restricting mobility too much. When putting on the belt, care should be taken to ensure that it fits securely, but allows enough freedom of movement to perform the complex movement patterns of Olympic weightlifting.

CrossFit and general fitness training

In CrossFit and general fitness training, nylon or neoprene belts with Velcro closures are popular. These belts are lighter and more flexible, making them ideal for high-intensity workouts with varied movement demands. A neoprene belt provides ample lower back support while still providing comfort and freedom of movement. The Velcro closure allows for quick and easy adjustment during exercise. This is especially useful in CrossFit workouts, which often require quick changes between different exercises. When put on, the belt should be snug enough to provide support, but not so tight that it impedes mobility.

The right weightlifting belt for men & women

Weightlifting belt for women

Weight lifting belts for women are specifically designed for women's anatomy and needs. They are often slightly narrower and smaller to ensure a better fit and comfort. When purchasing a weight lifting belt, women should make sure that the belt fits well and offers enough support to prevent injury.

Weightlifting Belt for Men

Weight lifting belts for men are typically designed to be wider and sturdier to support the larger body type and higher load of lifting heavy weights. These belts provide maximum stability and help increase intra-abdominal pressure, which protects the lower back and improves performance. Men can choose from a variety of materials such as leather and nylon, with leather often being preferred for its durability and strength. Closure mechanisms such as lever and buckle closures provide a secure fastening. When purchasing a weight lifting belt, men should look for a belt that fits snugly but does not restrict breathing or range of motion.

Discover our extensive range of weightlifting belts

In the Bad-Company sports shop you will find a wide selection of weight lifting belts that will optimally support your training. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we offer high-quality belts for every level of your training. From sturdy leather belts to flexible neoprene belts, we have everything you need for your weight lifting. Explore our range and discover anatomically shaped belts, different widths and models with different fastening mechanisms such as buckles, Velcro and lever fasteners. Find the ideal weight lifting belt that perfectly suits your needs.

Fast delivery guaranteed

Thanks to our reliable shipping partners such as DHL, UPS and others, we guarantee a fast and punctual delivery of your weight lifting belt. Within Germany, delivery takes place within 1-2 working days after the contract is signed. We also deliver to countries such as Belgium, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands in just 4-5 working days.

Flexible payment options

We offer a variety of secure payment methods for your purchase. Choose between PayPal, direct debit, credit card payment, purchase on account or Amazon Pay. Payment in advance is also possible. Get your weight lifting belt from Bad-Company now and start your training!

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