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Even with simple exercises like push-ups you can effectively train your upper body. And with the right tools, such as push-up handles, you can make your training even more intense and efficient. Discover the push-up bars from Bad-Company and take your training to the next level.


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Different types of push-up handles: which one is right for you?

There are different types of push-up handles, each with its own benefits. Classic handles with an ergonomic design provide comfort and stability for beginners and casual exercisers. Adjustable handles allow you to adjust the height and increase the level of difficulty. Rotating handles offer an additional challenge as they require stability and increase muscle activation. Choosing the right type of push-up handles depends on your individual goals, preferences and fitness level. It is advisable to try different types and choose the ones that suit you best and allow you to have an effective workout.

Steel push-up handles for upper body training

With the steel push up bars, you can perform push ups more comfortably and intensely while building up your abdominal, arm, chest, back and shoulder muscles. The robust steel frame construction ensures stability and durability, while the knurled handles ensure stability. With a longer range of motion, you can target the muscles more intensively. The push up handles are practical and offer you a firm footing.

Simple push-up handles

The push-up aids enable comfortable and intensive push-ups that build up abdominal, arm, chest, back and shoulder muscles. The lightweight construction ensures stability, while the padded handles provide comfort. With a longer range of motion, you achieve greater muscle tension. The push-up handles come with exercise instructions and are light and portable. A workout at home or outdoors is easily possible.

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Discover the benefits of push-up handles for your training!

Even in the simplest of all exercises, the push-up, push-up bars can make a decisive difference. These small but effective training devices offer a number of benefits for your training and help you to train even more effectively and efficiently.

Protect and stabilize wrists

A major benefit of push-up handles is that they protect and stabilize your wrists. By allowing for an ergonomic hand position, they reduce the pressure and strain on the wrists during exercise execution. This allows you to complete longer and more intense workouts without worrying about pain or injury.

Stability and balance

In addition, push-up handles provide more stability and balance during the exercise. By creating a firm and elevated platform, you can better concentrate your strength on the upper body instead of wasting energy on stabilizing the body. This allows for more targeted work on the chest, shoulder and arm muscles and increases the effectiveness of the workout.

Range of Motion

Another advantage is that push-up handles allow for a greater range of motion. By lifting your hands off the ground, you increase the range of motion of your arms and shoulders during push-ups. This allows you to activate the muscles even better and train them more intensively. The increased range of motion also allows for a better stretch of the chest muscles and helps to improve flexibility.

Varied training

In addition to the physical benefits, push-up aids also offer a great way to make your training more varied and challenging. You can try out different grip variations and exercise variations to adjust the intensity and provide new stimuli for your muscles. This will help you further increase your strength, endurance and muscle definition and break through plateaus.

The benefits of push-up handles for your training are manifold and can take your workout to a new level. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, these small devices offer a simple and effective way to optimize your push-ups and get the most out of your training. Discover the benefits of push-up handles and experience a new dimension of strength training for your upper body.

FAQ: Your questions about our push-up handles

Which muscle groups benefit from push-up handles?

Push-up handles are an effective training aid that targets and strengthens various muscle groups. The main muscles that benefit from push-ups with handles are the chest muscles. Due to the increased freedom of movement and the extended range of motion, the chest muscles are used more intensively and trained more effectively. In addition, the shoulder and back muscles as well as the triceps muscles are also activated and strengthened. Using push-up handles makes it possible to target these muscle groups more specifically and have better control over the movements.

Push-up handles: suitable for beginners or advanced users?

Push-up handles are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. For beginners, the handles provide more stability and support as they help maintain balance and reduce wrist strain. They allow for correct hand position and safe execution of the exercise. Advanced users can benefit from push-up handles to take their workout to a higher intensity level. The extended range of motion and increased muscle tension allow advanced users to further improve their strength and stability.

Push-up handles, also known as push-up bars or push-up aids, are a great addition to your training and offer numerous ways to make your workouts varied and effective. With the right exercises, you can use your push-up handles to their full potential and target different muscle groups. Here are some exercises you can try with your push-up bars:

  • Standard push-ups with handles: Place your hands on the handles and perform push-ups. The handles offer greater freedom of movement and allow for a deeper and more intense execution of the exercise.
  • Diamond Push-Ups: Place your hands close together on the handles so that your thumbs and index fingers touch. Perform push-ups to target your triceps muscles.
  • Wide Grip Push-Ups: Place your hands wide apart on the handles to place greater strain on the chest muscles.
  • Dips: Place the push-up handles at your sides and place your hands on them. Lower your body by bending your arms and then push yourself back up. Dips are a great exercise to strengthen your triceps muscles and shoulders.
  • Handstand push-ups: Place your push-up handles in a stable position and place your feet against a wall. Perform handstand push-ups by lowering your body and pushing it back up. This exercise is challenging and works your shoulders and upper back.
  • Mountain Climbers: Set up your push-up handles in a stable position and hold on to them. Bring your knees to your chest alternately while keeping your upper body stable. Mountain Climbers are an excellent exercise to strengthen your abs and shoulders.

These exercises are just a selection of ways you can use your push-up handles effectively. With creativity and variation, you can continually adapt your training and create new challenges. Buy your push-up bars online and expand your training for a varied and intensive workout.

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Comprehensive range of push-up aids

We offer a wide range of high-quality push-up bars to support your training. Whether you are looking for ergonomic handles, height-adjustable handles or special handles for additional comfort, you will find the right push-up aid for your needs. Our comprehensive range offers options for beginners, advanced and professional athletes, so you can choose the perfect equipment for your individual training. With our push-up handles you can optimize your push-ups and train your muscles in a targeted manner.

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We know how important it is that you can start training quickly. That's why we offer fast delivery so that you can have your push-up handles in your hands as soon as possible. Our shipping is quick and reliable so that you don't have to wait long for your order. Whether you are in Germany or in other European countries, we will bring your push-up bars to your home quickly and safely.

Order safely and conveniently online

Your safety and satisfaction are important to us. That's why we offer you a safe and convenient online ordering process. Our online shop is encrypted to protect your personal data. You can easily place your order from home and rest assured that your data will be treated confidentially. Our intuitive ordering process makes it easy for you to select and order the push-up handles of your choice.

Flexible payment for your convenience

We offer flexible payment options so that you can pay for your push-up aid conveniently. You can choose between various secure payment methods, such as PayPal, Amazon Pay or advance payment. Choose the option that suits you best and pay easily and securely. We want to offer you a pleasant shopping experience and give you the freedom to choose your preferred payment method.

Order your push-up handles from us today and benefit from our comprehensive range, fast delivery, secure online ordering and flexible payment options. Start your effective training with high-quality push-up handles from Bad-Company and achieve optimal results in your push-up workout.

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