Double end balls

The double end ball, a popular training device in boxing and fitness, is made of light synthetic or real leather and attached at both ends. It improves striking technique, promotes new striking combinations and burns calories. The training also increases reaction speed, strength, mobility, endurance and accuracy. Bad-Company double end balls offer a high training effect at a fair price and simulate a real training partner through springy reactions.


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Advantages of our Bad-Company double-ended balls

If you choose a double end ball from Bad-Company, you will benefit from the following advantages in addition to those already mentioned:

  • Robust - High-quality and durable genuine or synthetic leather

  • Durable - precisely finished seams

  • Good hold - solid fixation through two elastic, tear-resistant tensioning straps and D-hangers

  • Design - with Bad-Company application

  • Variety - train strength, endurance or flexibility

You can choose from a variety of designs and models. If you read on, you will find out what you should pay attention to when buying and later when training.

Buy double end ball for boxing and fitness training

Bad-Company double end balls are characterized by their high-quality workmanship . The upper material - optionally made of synthetic leather or real cowhide - is robust and tear-resistant and guarantees a long service life thanks to precisely processed seams . The tensioning straps supplied are also very durable and ensure good grip, safety and good impact feedback. This ensures that the strikes are optimally converted into a swing movement. The tensioning straps are quick and easy to assemble so that you can start training straight away. In addition, the double end balls from Bad-Company impress with their individual designs and the Bad-Company application. Speed, timing and reflexes are the focus when training with the double end ball made of leather or synthetic leather.

Order double end ball online

You can now order your double end ball from Bad-Company online, easily and simply. In addition to various payment methods, you also benefit from fast delivery. You don't live in Germany? That's okay! We also deliver to Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and other European countries.

Bad-Company has a large range of fitness and boxing equipment

Do you want to perfect your boxing skills and especially improve your punching power? Then take a look through our boxing equipment category.

There you will find boxing equipment , boxing gloves , punching bags and even skipping ropes . Are you a beginner and just want to add another discipline to your fitness training? Then try boxing and our boxing sets . Are you already a bit more experienced in boxing and want to try training with a training partner? Then we recommend our pads and head guards so that you are both adequately protected.Boxing bandages are also worth considering here, as they provide even more support when you strike and protect your joints.

If you want to pursue a holistic fitness program, we also offer dumbbells & weights as well as strength training equipment & fitness equipment. Take a look at our online shop. You can easily buy your double end ball here.

Fast delivery of your double end ball

Thanks to DHL, UPS and Wahl & Co., your double end ball will usually arrive at your home within 1-2 days of the contract being signed. Delivery within Germany is even free of charge. If the double end ball is to be sent to Belgium, Austria, Italy or the Netherlands, it will usually take 4-5 days for it to arrive at your home.

Buy double end ball online and pay flexibly

Bad-Company offers you a convenient and flexible payment process through a variety of payment options. You can pay not only with PayPal , but also with credit card, by purchase on account or advance payment , via Amazon Pay and payment without a PayPal account is also possible. Sounds good, right? So, what are you waiting for? Buy your new double end ball online now!

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Your questions, our answers

Which double end ball is right for me?

If you want to buy a double end ball, the decision criteria are of course subjective. However, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Firstly, the upper material. There are selected models of double end balls from Bad-Company made of real cowhide or synthetic leather. Cowhide has the advantage that it allows a sparring-like impact feedback and even stronger hits. Real leather is a bit more expensive, however. Synthetic leather, on the other hand, is cheaper, easier to care for and can be a good alternative, especially for beginners. In both cases, you can be sure that double end balls from Bad-Company are of the highest quality.

Which gloves do I use for doubles ball?

Despite the high-quality workmanship of the double-ended balls from Bad-Company, you need to protect your joints. Therefore, it is recommended to wear boxing gloves. Punching gloves or equipment gloves are well suited, as they are much lighter than competition boxing gloves and thus allow faster and more targeted punch combinations. They typically do not have a sewn-on thumb, which means that the boxer can put the gloves on and take them off again independently. As they have thinner padding, they must never be used for sparring.

How do I properly attach a double-ended ball?

The double-ended ball is a small boxing ball filled with air. It has an elastic rubber band or tensioning belt on both the top and bottom. To ensure that it can be anchored well and securely, you need hooks on the floor and ceiling. If the floor and ceiling are made of wood, simply screwing the hooks in is sufficient. However, if the ceiling and floor are made of concrete or plaster, you have to drill suitable holes, fill them with dowels and screw the anchors into them. Now you can easily attach the two ends of the double-ended ball, the so-called D-hangers, to the anchors. This double anchoring and the ball swinging back creates a realistic martial arts feeling.

How do I inflate the double end ball?

Before you can start training, the double-ended ball must first be properly inflated. The degree of hardness you prefer is up to you and your training progress. Experience has shown that beginners should not pump too much air into the ball, as this makes it slower, more sluggish and therefore easier to hit.

How do I train with a double end ball?

To start a good boxing training with the double end ball, it is a good idea not to use full force straight away. You should first get a feel for how strongly it swings back and whether the height and degree of force are appropriate. It is better to carry out many light, quick punches than a few very strong ones. 15 to 20 punches are enough as a warm-up. You can then improve your technique. "Slips" are often carried out. This is an exercise for covering. A punch is carried out and an attempt is made to avoid the boxing ball swinging back. If you want to add more exercises, you can improve your punches with steps and your general footwork.

Do you still have energy and want to keep training? Then the next step would be to optimize your punching power and punch combinations. Combinations of two, three or even more are possible. This becomes even more challenging because the double end ball is getting faster and therefore harder to hit.