In our "Other Training Accessories" category, we offer you a unique selection of versatile fitness equipment that is suitable for a wide range of exercises and training methods. This category is the perfect place for all those items that cannot be clearly assigned to another category, but are nevertheless indispensable for a comprehensive and effective workout.


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Our selection of other training accessories

Here you will find a wealth of useful and innovative training aids that will enrich your workout and make it more versatile. Our selection of other training accessories includes:

Ideal for making your push-ups more effective and relieving strain on your wrists.

Complete sets for a dynamic and efficient full-body workout.

Indispensable to keep your training balls in optimal condition.

For a comfortable workout, whether yoga, Pilates or floor exercises.

Perfect for taking your strength and endurance to the next level.

An innovative way to intensify your bodyweight training.

Ideal for functional training to strengthen the upper body muscles and improve stability.

Indispensable for plyometric jumping exercises to increase strength and explosiveness.

For a dynamic and fun cardio workout.

Whether for resistance training, stretching or rehabilitation – a must in every training repertoire.

Discover these and many other exciting products in our "Other training accessories" category and add these versatile and effective training aids to your training equipment. Whether you want to expand your existing equipment, try out new training methods or simply refresh your training routine - with us you will find exactly the right training accessories to achieve your fitness goal!

Our range of other training accessories

Boxing equipment: Your equipment for boxing training

Boxing is a dynamic and versatile workout that is both physically and mentally demanding. It develops complex movements, promotes fast footwork, endurance and mental strength, as well as various striking techniques. Our boxing equipment covers all boxing needs: from punching bags, speedball platforms, boxing gloves, jump ropes to protective clothing such as head guards and hand wraps. We also carry special equipment for MMA enthusiasts, including free fight gloves and head protection.

Strength training & bodybuilding: Your equipment for muscle building

Strength training and bodybuilding go beyond simply lifting weights. The goal is to build muscle effectively and over the long term. In our shop you will find a large selection of weights and equipment that will challenge you and take your training to a new level. Our range extends from cast iron weights to a variety of dumbbell sets and special bars - everything you need for a complete strength training program.

Functional Training: Effective and versatile workout

Functional Training is a modern way to improve fitness and everyday fitness. Our selection of functional training equipment, including medicine balls, kettlebells, push-up handles and balance boards, enables versatile and effective training.

Aerobics & Cardio: Train comfortably at home

With our aerobic and cardio equipment, you can train comfortably from home. Whether aerobics, yoga or fitness-enhancing exercises - we offer you suitable equipment such as gym dumbbells, yoga mats, abdominal trainers and more for effective home training.

Power stations & fitness equipment for all levels

We offer a selection of power stations and fitness equipment that are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Discover a variety of equipment in our shop, including weight benches, pull-up bars and multifunctional power stations, ideal for training at home or in the gym.

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High-quality sports equipment

Our products are characterized by their functionality and safety to guarantee you optimal training success and enjoyment of sport.

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With our many years of experience and our qualified service, we are your ideal partner for strength and endurance sports, whether for training at home or in the studio.

Strength training & fitness equipment for every need

Our range meets all needs, whether for home training or the gym. Discover our extensive range of sports and fitness equipment at Bad-Company and benefit from our free shipping and fast delivery directly to your home! Benefit from our advantages now and discover other training accessories at Bad-Company.