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For Olympic weight plates

Our Olympic weight plate rack offers an efficient and space-saving solution for your gym or home gym. With enough space for weight plates and a load capacity of up to 200 kg, this plate rack is ideal for a neat and well-organized training environment. The horizontal arrangement allows for easy removal and storage of the weight plates, while the robust design ensures stability and durability.

With 7 storage rods 30/31 mm

Our weight plate holder with 7 storage bars offers the perfect solution for storing your weight plates. With a maximum load of up to 350 kg and seven separate storage bars, this plate rack is extremely robust and versatile. The plastic end caps on the bars ensure that the weight plates are held securely and protect the floor from damage.

With or without bar rest 30/31 mm

Our weight plate rack with or without bar rack offers a practical solution for storing your weight plates. With a maximum load of up to 200 kg and six separate storage bars, you can store your weight plates neatly and safely. The optionally available bar rack also allows you to store two barbell bars.

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Buying advice and recommendations

Buying advice: This is what you should consider when buying your barbell rack

When purchasing your barbell rack, there are a few important aspects to consider to ensure you get the right product for your needs:

  • Stability and robustness: A high-quality weight plate rack should be solid and stable to hold your weight plates safely. Look for a solid construction made of robust material such as steel to ensure long-lasting use.
  • Compatibility : Make sure the weight rack fits your weight plates. Check the rack's capacity as well as the diameters of the bars to make sure your weight plates fit properly.
  • Adjustability and customization options: A flexible weight plate rack allows you to adjust the height or width as needed. This is especially useful if you want to use different weight plates or training equipment.
  • Capacity : Make sure the weight rack has enough space to accommodate all of your weight plates. Also consider any additional weights or accessories you may want to add in the future.
  • Safety Features : Safety is crucial when training with weight plates. Look for a rack with secure mounts or safety features to prevent accidents or injuries.
  • Additional features: Some weight plate racks offer additional features such as built-in dumbbell racks or pull-up bars. These can enhance your workout experience and give you more versatility.
  • Assembly and transport: Read the assembly instructions and check whether the weight plate rack is easy to assemble. If you plan to transport the weight plate rack, pay attention to its weight and mobility.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that you find the right weight plate rack for your needs that will provide you with safety, comfort and effectiveness during your workout.

Buy a weight plate rack: Secure our advantages

Order and organization: Weight plate racks help keep your training area tidy and organized by providing safe and orderly storage for your weight plates.

Space saving : The vertical arrangement of the weight plates on a weight rack saves valuable floor space, which is particularly advantageous in smaller training rooms.

Safety : A weight plate holder minimizes the risk of accidents by preventing weight plates from lying loose on the floor and causing people to trip over them or injure themselves.

Training efficiency: The central storage and quick accessibility of the weight plates allows you to make your training more efficient as you spend less time searching for the right weights.

Protecting the weight plates: By storing the weight plates properly on a stand, they are protected from damage and wear, which extends their life and maintains their quality.

Adjustment options : Many weight plate racks offer different compartments or adjustment options to accommodate a variety of weight plates of different sizes and weights, making them versatile.

Aesthetics : A well-designed disc rack can not only ensure order and efficiency, but can also be aesthetically pleasing and visually enhance your training space.

Mobility : Some weight plate racks are mobile and can be easily moved, making it possible to rearrange or expand the training area as needed.

Workout Motivation : A tidy and well-organized workout area can increase motivation and promote a positive workout experience, allowing you to fully focus on your workout without being distracted by clutter or inconvenience.

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